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Helping Your Teen Get the Most Out of His High School Education

Helping Your Teen Get the Most Out of His High School Education

Your teen enjoys extracurricular activities and spending time with friends, but he struggles with his classwork. You know he’s not putting the necessary effort into studying, so his grades are suffering. However, you can develop a strategic plan of attack that will help him get the most out of his high school education.

Ways to Support Your Son as a Student

  1. Maintain an open relationship with your son and continue to encourage him.

  2. Tie in rewards with completed schoolwork. This will help him develop key life skills that he will need when he leaves the house.

  3. Communicate with his teacher.

  4. Set loving but firm boundaries. Work on remaining positive as it will show him that you support his efforts.

  5. Teach him how to balance his activities.

Ways to Support the School

You can support your son in his school efforts by doing the following:

  1. Read through the school website to find out rules, disciplinary procedures and other important information.

  2. Place a high priority on attendance.

  3. Attend parent-teacher conferences and back-to-school night

  4. Provide a quiet study environment for your teen free from distractions, including his phone, the internet and television.