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Helping Teens Who Struggle With Feelings Of Loneliness

Helping Teens Who Struggle With Feelings Of Loneliness

Helping Teens Who Struggle With Feelings Of Loneliness

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have trained therapists available to help students overcome feelings of loneliness. Many teen boys struggling with feelings of loneliness benefit from the supportive environment of a therapeutic boarding school. We are writing on this topic today to help parents understand why their sons struggle with loneliness and what they can do to help. Contact us today to find out if our therapeutic boarding school might benefit your son.

Loneliness is often a silent struggle. People can feel lonely even when surrounded by other people or when participating in social activities. Loneliness happens when we feel alone, unwanted, or unfulfilled. Teens often crave connection with their peers but don’t know how to express it or how to make those connections. Loneliness can take on many forms and, as parents, it’s important that we understand why teens struggle with feelings of loneliness.

Teens today feel more lonely than you might expect. The connectivity of social media seems like it would bring them together, but it often drives them apart. It’s certainly easier than it used to be to set up activities and know what everyone is doing. However, it’s also easier to know that they’ve been left out of something that all of their other friends are doing. Social media offers superficial connections that don’t meet the need for genuine interpersonal connection. Teen loneliness is becoming a bigger problem than it has been for previous generations.

The dangers of teen loneliness:

Loneliness a threat to both mental and physical health. Some of the dangers of teen loneliness include:

– Depression

A lack of interpersonal connection can lead to depression and suicide ideation.

– Substance use/abuse

This can include drinking, smoking, and using drugs. Teens who feel like they are unwanted or like they don’t have friends might try to numb the loneliness with substance use. If left unaddressed, these behaviors can lead to lifelong addiction.

– Antisocial behavior

Loneliness begets loneliness. If teens feel lonely and friendless, they can start to withdraw from social activities that might otherwise bring them happiness.

– Increased stress

Increased stress levels are linked to numerous health problems including poor sleep patterns, increased blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems. High levels of stress are also linked to mental health problems like substance abuse, anxiety, and depression.

How to help teens struggling with feelings of loneliness

If your teen son is struggling with feelings of loneliness, there are a few strategies that you can try to help them pull out of it. The most important factor in combatting loneliness is making interpersonal connections with others. Remember that just being around other people isn’t enough to stop feeling lonely. Encourage them to participate in activities where they can make genuine connections with others.

Encourage opportunities to meet new people

If your teen hasn’t made quality connections with their peers at school, they might need to meet new people. Encourage them to join clubs or teams that relate to their interests. As they meet more people who like the same things as them, they increase their chances to make new social connections.

Encourage them to volunteer to help others

It might seem a little weird at first, but volunteering makes people feel useful. By volunteering in a role that clearly benefits others, your teen might start to feel more self-worth and feel less lonely. They might also get to connect with the other volunteers as they work together.

Support their artistic side

Teens who feel lonely can express those feelings through art and music. When they feel like they don’t have a personal connection with their peers, the arts can be a great outlet. Art and music provide a positive outlet for emotional release and engage the brain in creative thinking.

If your teen son is struggling with feelings of loneliness and your efforts haven’t helped, consider sending him to a therapeutic boarding school. The supportive environment and therapists at Sundance Canyon Academy help students build positive connections with others and overcome loneliness. Contact us today to find out how we can support your son.

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