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Has Your Son Taken A Breakup Too Hard?

Has Your Son Taken A Breakup Too Hard?

Breakups are hard no matter what age you are, but they’re especially tough on teenagers. This is doubly true if they are breaking up with their first love. Getting dumped can be a huge blow to their self-confidence, leading to depression and self-isolation.

If your son has taken a breakup too hard and is showing signs of depression, consider contacting a professional for help. The therapists at Sundance Canyon Academy have helped many teens rebuild their self-worth after suffering a significant breakup.

Even if the breakup isn’t completely devastating, teens can still take a breakup a little too hard. It’s embarrassing and confusing to have someone you care about suddenly end your relationship. Even if your teen is the one breaking off the relationship, it can still be tough when friends and family ask too many questions about it. If they are struggling post breakup, as a parent, it can help to have the tools to navigate the situation and their emotions effectively.

How you can help your teen through a breakup

As a parent, it’s difficult to watch your kid go through something that hurts them so much. Even though you know a breakup is bound to happen eventually, it’s never going to be easy. If your son has taken a breakup too hard, here are some tips to help him get through it.

Listen to him

Though it might be tempting to joke with him and try to make him laugh, he might simply need you to listen. There’s a time for joking, and there’s a time for being serious. If your teen is trying to open up and tell you about how he feels, listen to him with an open mind and let him know you support him. It may also be tempting to pour out advice from your past, but in most cases, what they really need is someone to listen and hear them.

Don’t blow him off

When teens get their first boyfriend or girlfriend, adults frequently blow it off as just “puppy love.” Since we’ve been through it already, we know that most adolescent relationships don’t last forever. For the teens, though, the love feels genuine and overwhelming. First love feels like it’s going to last forever. So when it ends, they don’t know what to feel anymore. Be sure to validate your son’s feelings and kindly reassure him that he will survive.

Give him space

Your son might need a little time and space to feel hurt without feeling watched. Check on him to make sure that he’s doing OK, but allow him the space he needs to get through it without being pressured.

Support his positive activities

When your son is up for spending time with friends or participating in positive activities, be supportive. Don’t rush him to get over the breakup and get back to normal, but encourage him to do fun things when he can.

Keep an eye on him

If your son has taken a breakup too hard, keep an eye on him for signs of depression. Of course, you can expect him to be sad and mopey for a little while. If he starts to isolate himself completely or the sadness seems to drag on, he might be depressed. If you notice signs of severe depression, self-harm, or suicidal ideation, contact a professional therapist immediately.

Suppose your son has taken a breakup too hard and is showing signs of depression or self-destructive behavior. In that case, he may benefit from the supportive environment of a residential treatment center. The therapists at Sundance Canyon Academy are trained to help students overcome depression by rebuilding their self-worth. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options.

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