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Get Free Help Deciding On A Therapeutic Treatment Center For Your Teen

When many parents begin their search for the right therapeutic treatment center for their troubled teen, most feel quickly overwhelmed. There are many services out there, from boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools, and more, so it is understandable that the majority of parents find it hard to sort through these options.

Sort Through Troubled Teen Treatment Options With A Counselor

It is important to work with people whose main mission is to help parents fully understand what their options are when it comes to finding treatment for their troubled teen. Once they have an understanding of the teen’s behaviors, parents can begin to understand the basic breakdown of options.

  1. Boot camp – Generally short, physically intensive programs. Aiming to change behaviors by immersing teens in a completely different and highly structured environment. Usually least expensive option but also rarely has a therapeutic element.

  2. Wilderness therapy – Like boot camps, these programs generally are short in duration. Many are called adventure-based and focus on helping teens alter their behaviors through intense physical output, generally lacking separate therapy. Costs can vary but are usually comparable to boot camps.

  3. Therapeutic ranch – Program lengths can vary from program to program, with 6 months being average. Ranches generally encourage family-style living with structured chores around a ranch. Separate therapeutic treatment does come with some of these programs. Generally more expensive than boot camps as stays are longer duration.

  4. Military school – Most schools require full school year enrollment. Few military schools accept troubled teens as they are usually looking for children who excel academically and are looking for a career in the military. Therapy is usually done out-of-house and is not a common element. Can be very expensive, as they are classified as private schools.

  5. Therapeutic boarding school – A long-stay option which blends academics with therapy, therapeutic boarding schools offer structure for teens while helping them make positive changes. Many can help teen repair poor grades and allow them to rejoin their peers academically. Can be one of the more expensive options.

  6. Residential treatment center – When teens need intensive therapy, many parents find success with this option. Generally have smaller amount of troubled teens so they can focus on individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy sessions, one-on-one academic help, and more. Can be the most expensive option.

After clarifying what the basic treatment options are, parents can work with an advocate to narrow down which is the right fit for their teen’s needs. After a treatment option is chosen, then parents and advocate can sort through the best available treatment providers in that category.

Obtain Help Placing Your Troubled Teen Free Of Cost

Some agencies have education counselors who charge sometimes up to $5,000 to help you place your teen. There are excellent groups available who have made it their goal to help families reunited, completely free of charge. We recommend you work with one of these parenting advocacy groups and allow them to help you choose the right therapeutic treatment center for your troubled teen.

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