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General Anxiety vs Anxiety Disorder In Teens

General Anxiety vs Anxiety Disorder In Teens

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our trained therapists specialize in helping teen boys overcome issues with anxiety. Since many families are trying to understand the difference between general anxiety and anxiety disorders, we are writing on the topic. Our residential treatment center provides the focused treatment that many teen boys need to help them control their anxiety. Call us today to find out more about how we can help your family.

The teenage years are filled with anxiety-inducing moments. Things like starting at a new school, trying to make friends, learning how to navigate dating relationships, and trying to maintain grades all create anxiety. Anxiety is a normal emotion that all people experience. It is the “fight or flight” feeling that occurs when we feel uncertain or like we might be in danger.

When it’s working properly, anxiety can inspire us to do great things. Being worried about doing well on a team can inspire us to practice more. Having anxiety about passing exams can lead us to study and complete the coursework. However, teen anxiety can also be destructive. If it becomes overwhelming, anxiety in teenagers can lead to physical and mental problems that can be harmful throughout life.

Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders In Teens

When anxiety becomes a constant part of life, it transitions from general anxiety to an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders in teens are somewhat common, and they need to be addressed as early as possible. Anxiety disorders can present themselves as unpleasant physical sensations or as fear about interacting in society.

Here are a few common signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders:

  1. Stomach problems

  2. Increased heart rate or blood pressure

  3. Trouble sleeping

  4. Trouble sitting still or relaxing

  5. Avoiding people, places, or activities that are required in life

While a small amount of anxiety is natural, anxiety disorders make everyday activities difficult or impossible. It is completely natural for a teen to be anxious about their first day of school. If your teen son has an anxiety disorder however, he might completely avoid going to school or might suffer with physical problems stemming from the anxiety of his first day of school.

Helping Teens With Anxiety Disorders

While some anxiety symptoms happen quickly, others build over time. It is best to start treating anxiety problems earlier in life rather than letting them build. If your teen is starting to struggle with increased anxiety, there are a few things that you can do to help.

Encourage healthy behavior Eating well and getting the right amount of sleep can be helpful when addressing anxiety issues. Learning to take care of themselves physically is a good step in learning to care for their mental health.

Teach problem-solving techniques If your teen is anxious about a particular event or activity, help them break down the overall goal into smaller, more manageable chunks. For example, if they are worried about passing a particular class, help them break down the assignments into smaller steps that they can focus on and accomplish.

Seek professional help For many families, teen anxiety can become unmanageable. If you suspect that your teen is developing an anxiety disorder, seek professional help. Don’t try to face the problem on your own.

Many teens struggling with anxiety disorders, see increased success when they attend a therapeutic boarding school. Their typical surroundings at home and at school can be too much for them and can make it difficult to overcome their anxiety. By changing their surroundings and engaging in therapy with trained counselors, teens are able to focus on bettering themselves and overcoming their anxiety. Contact us today to find out if Sundance Canyon Academy might be a good fit for your teen son.

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