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Gaming Cyberbullying: Signs to Watch for on Gaming Platforms

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we hear from a lot of parents who are concerned that their son is being bullied. With the rise of social media and online gaming, it’s easier than ever for teens to bully one another outside of school. If you are worried that your son is developing low self-esteem from cyberbullying, contact us for help. Your son might benefit from a change of pace in a supportive scholastic environment.

Over the past decade, kids have started spending more time online. As smartphones and tablets become more accessible and necessary, it’s easier for kids to stay connected with each other at all times. As you can imagine, such unlimited access to socializing comes with its pros and cons, and cyberbullying is a major problem for many teens today.

As a parent today, you probably didn’t grow up with unlimited online access the way that kids experience it now. You may have spent some time in chat rooms or playing online games, but you couldn’t bring the internet with you everywhere you went. You had to physically be in a building with a strong internet connection. So, you probably spent your online time at home or at a location designed with online access in mind.