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Fostering A Sense Of Service In Troubled Teenage Boys

When we think about service opportunities, it’s common for large projects to come to mind. We might think of working in a soup kitchen or volunteering at an animal shelter. However, service can become more of a mindset than anything else. Having a sense of service includes being kind in everyday life, not just in special situations. Schools like Sundance Canyon Academy focus on developing a sense of service in their students while helping them improve their outlook on life.

Once a teen starts to develop a service-oriented mindset, they begin to look out for others on a regular basis. This could be as simple as holding the door open for someone or taking less time in the shower if a sibling is waiting. It could also be as complicated as trying to include the “different” kid at school or volunteering with a local program. As your teen starts to notice chances to help other people on a small scale, helping others on a larger scale will follow.

Creating service opportunities for teen boys

If you are trying to foster a sense of service in your teen, be sure to role model it for them. Kids learn more from watching what their parents than they do from listening to them. If you start to look for ways to help others, you should be able to find some service opportunities for teen boys as well. When you find those opportunities, bring your son with you to help.

If you are actively looking for service opportunities for teen boys, check out these easy options:

  1. Volunteer with their school’s Key Club Most schools already have a Key Club in place, so it should be an easy sign-up process. Once they are part of the club, their club leaders will help them get involved with service opportunities.

  2. Meals on Wheels If your teen has their license and a vehicle, Meals on Wheels is an easy way to help those in need. You may need to guide them through the volunteer sign-up process. Then they can bring meals to people who need food and see the direct impact that their time and effort have on others.

  3. Volunteer with a local animal shelter Contact your local animal shelter to find out more about their volunteer requirements. Most shelters regularly look for help with things like:

  4. Dog walking

  5. Cleaning the kennels

  6. Bringing dogs and cats to adoption events

  7. Playing with dogs and cats to give them exercise

For teens struggling with depression, seeing the positive impact that they can have on the world can make a huge difference! Organizations that provide service opportunities for teen boys offer a chance for the boys to see their place in the world more clearly. For this very reason, many schools have started to incorporate service as a requirement.

If you are thinking of sending your son to a therapeutic boarding school, considering sending him to one that includes service-learning as a standard part of the curriculum. Sundance Canyon Academy combines service-learning with regular schooling activities throughout the year. The students participate in therapeutic activities to improve their own lives, and they participate in service opportunities to improve the lives of others. By seeing the positive impact that they can make in the world, students develop a more promising outlook on their lives.

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