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Finding The Therapeutic Boarding Schools That Fit Your Child’s Needs

Adolescence is a particularly important time of growth and learning. When severe behavioral issues are introduced into these formative years, it can make a negative impact on healthy development. If your teen is still struggling despite your efforts to help him turn his life around, you may need to consider outside intervention. Full time programs like therapeutic boarding schools are a valuable solution for worried parents. These programs are specifically designed to provide an intensive environment where teens are guided toward identifying the root of their issues in order to begin the healing process from the inside out.

What Is A Therapeutic Boarding School?

Because a therapeutic boarding school is a major financial and emotional investment, selecting the one that will best fit your child’s needs can be intimidating. While most programs offer a combination of therapy modalities, like group, family and individual, many also provide additional options like experiential or recreational therapy as well as life skills opportunities. As you research facilities, here are some factors you may want to consider:

Safety – Not all teen help programs are created equal. Each state has different laws and regulations overseeing factors like accreditation, safety and experience. Look closely at the states you are considering so you can ensure that prospective facilities are up to the highest standards. Many parents look further afield if the programs closest to them aren’t ideal. Location is ultimately less important than making sure your son is in a program that is a good match for his unique challenges. Personal Attention – Consider programs that will individualize a plan of care for your teen. Although many troubled teen boys suffer from similar issues, none of them will heal in exactly the same way. Consistent one-on-one coaching is required in order for the staff to update and maintain the goals your son is working on throughout the program. In addition, regular attention helps teens build a relationship of trust and practice positive interaction with their caregivers and authority figures. Therapy Program – The more therapy options a facility provides, the more likely they are to personally reach each teen. A variety of activities, team building exercises and life skills opportunities keep teen boys engaged and helps prepare them to live a more emotionally and physically balanced life. Parental Involvement – Your input as a parent is very important to your son’s healing process, since you are most familiar with him and his needs. While many programs encourage some initial distance from parents in order to help students adjust to their new environment, the most effective programs will apply your input as much as possible. You should also seek out a program that will help you and your teen through the tricky transition back into home and regular life.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We offer an entirely unique relationship based therapy method that helps troubled teen boys manage their challenges at the deepest level. For questions about our program, or a free consultation, please call us at 1-866-678-2425.

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