Drug Abuse Treatment For Troubled Teens

When parents discover that their teenager has been using drugs, it can be quite a shock. While it’s true that most people imagine a rough-looking, homeless person as a drug addict instead of their own child, a number of teens do end up abusing drugs and need professional help to overcome it.

The good news is that drug abuse treatment for troubled teens is more effective than ever, and parents can gain peace of mind that their teenager can regain a healthy and happy life once again, via treatment.

Successful Treatment for Drug Abuse

No matter how hopeless a teenager’s drug abuse situation seems, it is never too late to begin treatment. The first step is to get the teenager to a doctor for a physical evaluation. The doctor can then recommend a specialist who can better treat the teen. The goal is a long-term solution to the teen’s drug abuse problems and a successful treatment means treating the physical addiction, treating the mental and emotional issues that trigger drug use, and then providing the teen with the tools needed to avoid any future troubles with drugs.

The first part of a long-term solution to drug abuse involves detoxing. This is a medically supervised process where the body goes through withdrawals from drugs. the process can be quite uncomfortable and can include headaches, nausea, shaking, cramps and sweating. There are medicines that can help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, and doctors continually monitor the patient to ensure there are no dangers. After the body has cleared itself of the toxins from drugs, the teen can start to focus on the real reasons behind the drug use.

The psychological and social reasons for teen drug abuse must be addressed by a professional, licensed therapist who specializes in adolescent psychology. Getting to the root of the problem and the teen’s desire for drugs can help identify motivations and triggers, and help the teen steer clear of them for life. Resolving issues in the teen’s mental or emotional past will lead to a happier and healthier future.

How Sundance Canyon Academy Can Help

Many experts are recommending long-term residential treatment for teen drug abuse. An alternative to outpatient therapy and treatment, long-term facilities are often called therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and similar teen help facilities. These are proving to be quite successful as the teens can continue in school under supervised living conditions, specialized classrooms and a number of supportive and caring staffers who provide a safe and nurturing environment to live in.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a teen help facility that has a proven track record of helping teens with drug and alcohol issues find a new lease on life and recover fully. Individual and group therapy is a key component of getting in touch with social and psychological issues, and is highly individualized. Sundance Canyon Academy also offers academic and social opportunities to improve and advance. Recreational therapy is another factor in a successful long-term treatment for teens.

A therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center may be the best place for teens struggling with drug abuse. With the right support, treatment and professional help, drug addiction can be overcome and replaced with achievements and success.