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Drug Abuse Is Too Easy With Dangerous New Innovations In the Drug Business

Several innovative products on the market today are enticing more teenagers than ever to get involved with drugs and alcohol. While these products are completely legal for adults, they are rapidly finding their way into the hands of teenagers, where they are not appropriate.

Drug abuse is too easy with dangerous new innovations in the drug business, and parents need to stay informed of products like these in order to educate and inform their teens. Without constant attention, teens can be swayed by both misinformation from peers and marketing aimed at adults.


Designed for portable uses such as travel or camping, Palcohol is a packet of flavored powder that reconstitutes in water or other liquid. When mixed, it has the alcoholic content of a mixed drink. The company is marketing the product as a way for adults to still enjoy their drinks whenever transporting liquids isn’t feasible. Sales of Palcohol are age restricted and it is only sold where liquid alcohol is, ensuring that age limits are enforced.

Experts worry that Palcohol may make it easier for teens to abuse alcohol for several reasons:

  1. The convenient packaging makes it easier to conceal and smuggle into concerts, parties, work and school.

  2. The fun flavors are enticing to teens.

  3. The powder may be snorted.

  4. The ability to spike someone’s drink is easier.

Parents need to hold conversations with their teens about drinking and alcohol abuse, and must include this latest new product in the discussion.


Touted as one of the best ways for adults to kick a nicotine habit, e-cigarettes are gaining in popularity among teens and experts and parents alike are getting more worried. E-cigarettes don’t use tobacco, but rather delivers a concentrated liquid concoction that contains nicotine to the user via a vapor. Nicotine is a habit-inducing drug and can lead teens to addiction and on to tobacco cigarettes.

Many teens are drawn to e-cigarettes for several reasons:

  1. With no tobacco or smoke, teens believe e-cigarettes are not harmful.

  2. E-cigarettes are odorless, making it easier to conceal smoking from authority figures.

  3. Teens can get e-cigarettes more easily than traditional cigarettes.

  4. Candy flavoring entices teens who wouldn’t normally smoke.

When discussing the issues with smoking with teens, parents should include warnings about e-cigarettes as well to ensure teens are informed about the unique problems they will have if they take up the habit.

Marijuana Vape Pen

Similar to an e-cigarette, a marijuana vape pen is a device that delivers vapor laden with THC that is derived from marijuana oils. While medicinal marijuana users greatly benefit from such a device, teens are taking advantage of its ease and simplicity as well.

Here are a few reasons why many teens choose marijuana vape pens:

  1. The odorless delivery of THC makes detection from parents and teachers much more difficult.

  2. No smoke attracts teens who might otherwise be turned off of traditional marijuana joints.

  3. THC is more potent in vape pens versus smoking, creating a faster and longer-lasting high.

While the vape pens are legal and part of a growing tolerance for marijuana use nation wide, parents must still take the opportunity to talk with their teens about its use and abuse.

When parents stay informed about the newest products on the market that may affect their teens, it will be easier to have conversations about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse at a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center can be a big detour in the life of an otherwise healthy and happy teen, so it’s better for them not to start at all. While many teenagers wouldn’t take the leap to hard drug and alcohol abuse normally, these seemingly innocent products may just be the gateway they need to start down that path.

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