Does My Troubled Teen Need To Go To A Residential Treatment Center?

It can take all of your energy and resources to parent a severely troubled teen and it is disappointing when nothing you try seems to make any difference. If your child has failed to respond to any of your efforts or outpatient program options, it may be time to consider another type of intervention. Residential treatment centers are full time facilities designed to provide intensive therapeutic help for teens with behavioral and emotional problems. Because these programs accommodate teens away from home, they are free of the usual temptations and distractions and can be immersed in surroundings dedicated to their improvement. Being aware of what such facilities can provide your teen will help you determine whether a residential program is the best destination for your troubled child.

Upon arrival, each resident is evaluated by a therapist in order to determine his behavioral, medical, emotional and social needs. This allows the staff to craft a plan of care that specifically targets the skills he needs to acquire. Although each program will have differences, most will include a combination of individual, family and group therapies as well as recreation, academics and life skills opportunities. Your son’s plan of care will likely also include a healthy amount of leisure time and coordinated group activities in order to help him learn to balance work and play while practicing healthy interaction with his peers. The main goal of residential treatment centers is to help struggling teens identify their underlying challenges and focus on fixing them in order to heal from the inside out.

As you decide whether a full time program is the right move for your son, consider that one of the benefits is the emotional respite you will receive. Dealing with a troubled teen is not only emotionally draining, it can also be extremely isolating. Instead of shouldering burden alone, you will be guided and supported by experienced professionals while your child is safe and secure in an environment dedicated to helping him succeed. Both teens and parents get the valuable opportunity to emotionally regroup and get some distance from each other while they build a more effective relationship.

Residential treatment programs are intended for parents of teens who are out of options. While the idea of sending your child away is intimidating, it may also be the only effective thing that helps him turn his life around. Even your greatest efforts and your best intentions in the home environment might not be enough if what your teen needs is full time professional care and coaching in unique surroundings. If you have reached this point with your teen, it will help reassure you to research facilities throughout the country in order to find one whose regulations and experience will be a good fit for your son, while giving you peace of mind.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. Unlike other programs, we offer a relationship based therapy program rather than behavior modification techniques in order to encourage long lasting changes. If you have questions about our program or would like a consultation, please contact us at 866-678-2425.