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Depressed Teenage Boys Are More Likely To Take Risks

In the cultural consciousness, those who are suffering from depression are people who lay around and are sad. However inaccurate that may be, it can be especially incorrect when it comes to troubled and depressed teenage boys.

For teen boys struggling with depression, they are actually more likely to engage in risky behavior that can endanger their lives. Because of the danger facing depressed boys, it is critical that teenage boys receive the help they need.

Research Connecting Teen Boy Depression And Risk-Taking

In a recent study, researchers collected information on almost 400 teenagers diagnosed with depression. With the information they gathered, the researchers found that teenage boys with depression had higher rates of engaging in risky behaviors.

The most terrifying risky behaviors that the study outlined in particular were suicidal thoughts and a high potential for suicide that depressed teenage boys struggled with regularly. Understanding that teen boys with depression are at higher risk of suicide can help parents see the critical nature of addressing those struggles earlier, rather than later.

Unhealthy Ways Depressed Teenage Boys May Act Out

Some of the other ways that your depressed son may act out are also damaging to his mental and physical health. If you see your teen son engaging in any of the below examples, the time to act is now.

  1. Substance abuse – Teens suffering from depression will often try to self-medicate with mind-altering substances such as alcohol, marijuana, or other harder illegal substances. According to the study, this risky behavior is far likelier if your teen has friends who engage in abusing substances.

  2. Self-harm – Some depressed teen boys turn to self-harm to express th