Sundance Canyon Academy is proud to offer a Culinary Arts Program to all our students. The Program teaches students food preparation, management, and hospitality. The program may also include available internships. This program is affiliated with several reputable restaurants and enjoys partnerships with National Restaurant Associations and Culinary Institutes nationwide. Many of our students are also afforded opportunities to interact with professionals in the business.

Our commercial culinary kitchen is structured to teach culinary arts to students as well as to provide a team building environment. We focus on technique while teaching our students to prepare culinary works of art. Our students learn to work together while creating delicious meals.

Our hands-on culinary courses at SCA are rewarding and effective in developing organizational skills, sharpening communication skills, and promoting group work.

Within your first few weeks at Sundance, YOU ARE COOKING! Whether you are preparing pizza, baking cookies, sautéing vegetables or grilling steaks, you are gaining the necessary knowledge to enter the culinary field WHILE HAVING FUN!

Our culinary instructors are well trained. Executive chefs, Allen Saena, Boyd Hooper, and Nate Stoddard have a combined fifty (50) years’ experience in cooking and kitchen management.  Completion of the SCA culinary program gives many of our students the opportunity to prepare for a lucrative career while fulfilling academic requirements.

Field trips will be made to Downtown Salt Lake City and Park City restaurants along with other culinary themed educational trips.

Students will learn about the following topics while enrolled in the SCA Culinary Arts Program:

Nutrition Sanitation
Kitchen and Food Safety Knife Skills
Culinary Terminology Hospitality
Cooking and Baking Entrees
Appetizers Sauces
Casseroles Salads
Doughs Desserts