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Common Cries for Attention from Troubled Teens

Sundance Canyon Academy

Teen depression is on the rise and with it so is the suicide rate, which now holds the second place position as the most common reasons teenagers lose their lives. It is a terrifying trend, one that has many experts scrambling to figure out just what it is causing the depression, stress and anxiety in our youth.

As a parent it can feel helpless when your child begins acting in negative ways. You may not know if they are attention seeking or facing a real crisis. The answer is probably a mixture of both: they are looking for attention because they are struggling in a very real way.

Here are some common attention seeking behaviors that point to teens needing help.

They Are Acting Out

Every day it is a new battle. They are sneaking out, getting bad grades, lashing out verbally and maybe even physically. You are at your wits end. Why can’t they just behave like they used to? Acting out is often used to r