Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii may seem like the type of place where troubles fade away, but many Hawaiian teenagers struggle with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. When your teen son isn't finding success in traditional schools and is engaging in risky behavior that is harmful to himself and his future, it's time to look at therapeutic boarding[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Idaho

Are you the parent of a troubled teenage boy living in Idaho and you are looking at programs designed to provide him with therapy, academics and more? If so, you should definitely consider therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teenagers from Idaho. There are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing a therapeutic[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Mississippi

When teens struggle with serious, chronic emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues, many parents begin to consider full-time therapeutic care. While this decision can be extremely difficult for parents of troubled teens in Mississippi, once they fully understand the benefits of such a residential treatment center they realize that this could be their teen son’s[...]

What Makes A Therapeutic Boarding School In Utah State Incredible

You are narrowing down your choices as you research a facility for your child but are trying to decide between several states, including various therapeutic boarding schools. Before you sign on the dotted line, consider the following reasons why you might want to send your child to Utah. Advice from the Federal Government The Federal[...]

Utah Therapeutic Boarding Schools Offer Great Recreational Therapy

When you send your child to a therapeutic boarding school, you hope that he will receive lots of therapy. After all, that’s what the school is called, so you expect that it will live up to its name. But you might not realize the different kinds of therapy that are available for your teen at[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Utah Can Help Teens See The Changes Needed

You have invested energy, money and time into your child in hopes that he would change. In addition, teachers and other adults have poured into him as well. Qualities that Teens Respect in Adults Parents and invested adults can do much to help teens change. A study in Psychology Today reported that young people look[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teenage Boys

Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teenage Boys

If you have a severely troubled teen and you aren’t sure where to turn to get him the intervention that he needs you might need to seek a higher level of professional help. A therapeutic boarding school for boys offers successful and unique treatment programs to helps troubled teen boys turn their lives around. Skilled[...]

Why Sundance Canyon Academy Is Your Best Choice In Utah For Therapeutic Boarding School

Why Sundance Canyon Academy Is Your Best Choice In Utah For Therapeutic Boarding School

When parents search for the right therapeutic boarding school in Utah, they are looking for a specific list of qualities along with that special something that makes a facility stand out. At Sundance, we offer everything that you would expect in a therapeutic boarding school and so much more. We accept teen boys from the[...]

What Types Of Therapy Will My Son Receive At Schools For Troubled Teens


Some teenagers have more feelings than they know how to process and sometimes that is the root of troubled teen behavior. For these teens, the right therapy is crucial for rehabilitating their negative behaviors. Therapy: Deciding What Is Best And For Whom Some people believe there is a stigma associated with accessing counseling. For some[...]

Boarding Schools In Utah For Boys That Have Lost Control Of Their Lives

Therapeutic boarding schools are full time residential treatment centers that provide housing and specialized care for teens with severe behavioral issues. The supportive and immersive environment of such programs allows teens to get away from the triggers and temptations they deal with at home and become more receptive to making positive changes. With the help[...]