How Much Of An Impact Does Social Isolation Have On Teens?

It’s normal for teens to want some alone time. You may notice that your teen son is starting to spend more time in his room rather than interacting with the family and hanging out with friends. If your son needs some personal space from time to time, there’s no need for concern. However, if your[...]

Are My Teens Mental Health Struggles Genetic?

If a specific mental health condition is already present in a family, it is more likely that kids in that family will develop mental health conditions. However, there’s no guarantee that children will inherit mental health struggles from their parents. Though they might be predisposed to certain mental health conditions, there’s a lot that families[...]

Helping Teens Who Struggle With Feelings Of Loneliness

Helping Teens Who Struggle With Feelings Of Loneliness At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have trained therapists available to help students overcome feelings of loneliness. Many teen boys struggling with feelings of loneliness benefit from the supportive environment of a therapeutic boarding school. We are writing on this topic today to help parents understand why their[...]

Confronting Manipulative Teenage Behavior

Confronting Manipulative Teenage Behavior Many parents face the difficulty of confronting manipulative teenage behavior in their children. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have helped numerous families learn to break the cycle of manipulative behavior. If you are concerned that your teen son’s manipulative behavior is getting out of hand, call us today to find out[...]

How To Address Self-Harm In Teen Boys

How To Address Self-Harm In Teen Boys Sundance Canyon Academy has helped many teen boys who struggle with self-harm. We are writing on the topic to provide guidance for parents struggling with how to address self-harm in their teen sons. If you feel like your son needs help overcoming self-harm, please contact us today. The[...]

Help For Parents Raising Kids With Attachment Disorders

Sundance Canyon Academy has helped many boys and their families with understanding the difficulty of raising kids with attachment disorders, which is why we're writing on the topic. As a school for troubled teen boys, we help young men by having them work with our specialized therapy team at a residential treatment facility. If you[...]

Teaching Resiliency To Teens During Tough Times

Teaching Resiliency To Teens During Tough Times As adults, we can fall into the trap of idealizing childhood. It’s easy to feel nostalgic and think about “the good ol’ days” as if childhood and adolescence were actually easy. Adolescence is extremely difficult! For children who have experienced trauma in the form of abuse, bullying, neglect,[...]

Fostering A Sense Of Service In Troubled Teenage Boys

When we think about service opportunities, it’s common for large projects to come to mind. We might think of working in a soup kitchen or volunteering at an animal shelter. However, service can become more of a mindset than anything else. Having a sense of service includes being kind in everyday life, not just in[...]

Why Teens Sometimes Succumb To Peer Pressure

Think back to your teenage years and you will probably remember the feeling: fear that everyone will think you’re not cool and that they won’t want you to hang out with them anymore. That fear leads a lot of teens to do things they might not otherwise do. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, or any other[...]

Not Being On Track To Graduate Doesn’t Mean Your Son Isn’t Capable

Learning that your teen is not on track to graduate on time is upsetting. It can disrupt your plans for your own life and for the future that you envision for your child. However, having a son who is not on track to graduate isn’t the end of the world. If you take action quickly,[...]