Family Participation in a Strong Aftercare Plan Following Therapeutic Treatment

Family Participation in a Strong Aftercare Plan Following Therapeutic Treatment

Having your teen come home after a stay in therapeutic treatment can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Most residential treatment programs for troubled teens require at least a six-month stay, which means your teen has been away from home for a good amount of time. Yet, as exciting as it can be to have your[...]

I Don’t Feel Like Boot Camp Is The Answer, So What Can I Do For My Son?

Residential Treatment for Teen Boys

There is a certain amount of pop culture surrounding the myth that all a troubled teen boy needs is to attend a boot camp or military school to get him back in line. Problem is, the images portrayed in various TV shows and movies are far from reality. For instance, most military schools are considered[...]

REBT At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic Boarding School

There are many therapeutic practices utilized at a therapeutic boarding school. One helpful practice that may not be commonly known is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). What Is REBT A type of cognitive behavioral therapy developed by Abert Ellis, REBT is implemented to help people break through irrational emotionally-tied beliefs. An example of this kind[...]

4 Ways Families Benefit When Teens Attend A Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic Boarding School

It is easy to see how a troubled teen can benefit from attending a therapeutic boarding school. The teen will receive concentrated therapeutic help as the school also helps the teen progress academically, physically, and developmentally. While your troubled teen receives all these advantages, your family will also experience 4 specific benefits from your teenager’s[...]

Medical Licensing For A Therapeutic Boarding School

Parents looking to place their troubled teen into qualified hands should take into account the medical licensing of the therapeutic boarding schools they are considering. At this time, there is no federal standard that requires therapeutic boarding schools to supply specific medical licensing. Utah Medical Licensing Requirements For A Therapeutic Boarding School One example of[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska

If your teenage son has become such a challenge for you to handle, it may be time to consider therapeutic boarding schools to give him full time help and support. Many Nebraska parents have wondered what to do to get their teenage sons some professional help and have found that long-term boarding schools with therapy[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Mexico

Are you a New Mexico parent of a troubled teenage boy, and you are growing more worried about his behavior? It’s always a difficult decision to enroll your troubled teenage son into a long-term care facility so he can get help with his emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. The swirl of emotions you feel[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Kansas

If you have been exploring therapeutic boarding schools in Oregon, you have probably grown confused with all the information yet frustrated that nothing seems very clear. When you have a troubled teenage son, every day counts in getting him the help he needs. That’s way many Kansas parents are turning to Sundance Canyon Academy. We[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Arkansas

Are you an Arkansas parent of a troubled teen who wants to get the best help possible? It can be very confusing to try to figure out what your teenage son needs when he is struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. Many teens across the country have found success with therapeutic boarding schools.[...]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Rhode Island

For Rhode Island parents who are wondering what they need to do to get their troubled teen son back on the right track, it may be time to look at therapeutic boarding schools. While it may seem drastic to send your son to a residential treatment center, the reality is that he may benefit form[...]