Freedom & Responsibility: My Teen’s Behavior is Causing Chaos at Home. Why Does He Act Like This?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we receive inquiries from many parents looking for help getting their teen’s behavior under control. Unruly teenage behavior can cause distress for every member of the household. This article is the first in a series designed to give information and tips to correct your teen’s behavior. The teen years can be[...]

My Son Doesn’t Seem To Have Any Friends. Should I Be Concerned?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our therapists have worked with numerous students who suffer the negative effects of loneliness. The teenage years are an important time to develop new friendships and learn how to interact with peers. Teens who have difficulty making friends can struggle with a variety of mental health problems. If you are concerned[...]

How To Help For An Adopted Child Who Is Suddenly Acting Out

Raising an adopted child can be significantly different from raising a biological child. For starters, they haven’t known you their whole life. Whatever happened in their life before you stepped in will play a significant role in their development. So, it’s not uncommon for adopted teens to act out. Adopted children often come from troubled[...]

How To Talk To Your Other Kids When You Send One To A Therapeutic Boarding School

When preparing to send one of your children to a therapeutic boarding school, there’s a lot to consider. Of course, you need to prepare your child for attending the school, but what about your other kids? If your other children will continue attending their traditional schools, they will likely have many questions and might experience[...]

Should I Call The Cops On My Own Kid?

If your teen son is out of control and disregards the rules in your house, you may need outside help to get the situation back under control. Sometimes this involves calling the cops, but you might not need such extreme measures. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we work with troubled teen boys to help them understand[...]

Is Your Son Cussing Out Everybody? Teen Boarding Schools Can Help With Swearing Issues

When you first hear your child use a swear word, it can be a little disconcerting. Depending on your son’s age, your reaction might vary. When little kids use those words, they’re typically just trying out a new word that they’ve heard. So, you probably don’t take it too seriously. When teens and tweens use[...]

Depression Denial? How To Talk To Your Struggling Teen Son

As a parent, it can feel overwhelming when your child struggles with mental health problems. Learning how to talk to your struggling teen son about his depression is key to helping him overcome it. Your son might be reluctant to talk about it at first, or he might be experiencing depression denial. By bringing the[...]

Why Does My Teen Son Break Everything When He’s Mad?

Teens are known for being moody and getting frustrated easily. Sometimes, their frustration can lead to sulking and regressing to their room. Other times, it can lead to angry outbursts. This period of adolescence is an important time for teens to learn appropriate ways to deal with frustration. Some teens vent their frustration far more[...]

How To Help Teen Son Struggling With Identity?

The teenage years are filled with changes. As a parent, it can be confusing to watch your kids hit puberty and (seemingly overnight) start to change into a new person. They begin to develop new interests and might even change their friend groups. However, some kids struggle more than others with finding their identity during[...]

Preparing Your ADHD Teen For Getting a Job

Summer jobs are a right of passage for many teenagers. Being able to earn their own money and be less reliant on their parents is a huge step toward independence. Kids who start working during their high school years are also more likely to develop life skills to help them as an adult. However, maintaining[...]