How To Help Your Son Be A Positive Influence To His Teen Peers

The adolescent years are a flurry of new experiences. Teens start to pull away from their families, develop new friendships, develop romantic relationships, and become more independent. At Sundance Canyon Academy, a residential treatment center for troubled boys,, we have helped countless families navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood. If your teen son is[...]

What To Do When Your Son Shows Anger Towards Pets

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we regularly work with teens who have trouble controlling their anger. Uncontrolled anger leads to fearful situations in the home, where both family members and family pets can take the brunt of the teen’s outbursts. If your teen son’s anger problems are causing stress for your family and even your pets,[...]

Teen Substance Abuse On The Rise Following The Pandemic

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with numerous families worried about their teen’s mental health following the pandemic. The upheaval of the pandemic has driven many teens to start abusing substances to cope with their stress and depression. Our therapists work with students to replace substance abuse with positive coping skills. If you are[...]

Does Your Son Say He Wants To Dropout Of School? How To Discuss It With Him.

Many students come to Sundance Canyon Academy because they struggle in their traditional school. The standard school model doesn’t work well for all students, so our staff is trained to work with various learning abilities. Students who attend our residential boarding school receive high school credits that count toward graduation while they are in our[...]

Teenager Isn’t Bothering With Homework Assignments Anymore. Why?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with countless families whose teens have stopped caring about their homework assignments. Some of our students struggle with behavioral disorders or learning disorders. Others simply lack the life skills needed to follow through with their responsibilities. If your teen son isn’t bothering with homework assignments anymore, contact us[...]

How To Handle A Teen Who Lives Life Like There Are No Consequences

Teenagers often engage in power struggles with their parents. Teens don’t typically like being told what to do. They’re growing up and want more independence, and they don’t like being reminded that they’re not the ones in charge. So it’s no surprise when teens act headstrong and say that they don’t care about their punishments.[...]

How A Poor Diet Could Be Reflecting Poor Teenage Mental Health

We all know the old saying, “You are what you eat.” But just how true is it? How much can our diet really affect our lives? It turns out diet plays a pretty significant role in determining how we feel, both physically and mentally. This is especially true for teenagers. Though a poor diet could[...]

How To Deal With A Teen Who Refuses To Do Their Chores

Having a teen who refuses to do their chores is tough! Not only do you have to provide a home, food, clothing, and everything else your child needs, you’ve also got to convince them to do their chores. Though it can be maddening to see that your teen hasn’t done their chores, try not to[...]

Body Dysmorphia Affects Teen Boys More Than You Think

Though most people don’t think of their body as “perfect,” they also don’t take their self-criticism to the extreme. Many of us wish we were thinner or wish our hair was different, but we don’t worry about it too much. Maybe we work out a little extra to try and lose a few pounds or[...]

The State Of Teen Mental Health As A Result Of The Covid Pandemic

During the past year, both teens and adults have experienced increased depression and anxiety rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, approximately 10% of American adults reported having symptoms of depression or anxiety. During the pandemic, that number is up to about 40%. With so much upheaval both at work and at home,[...]