Is Rehab Necessary For Teens Using Marijuana?

It’s far from unheard of for teens to try things like drugs and alcohol. However, it’s tough to know when your teen’s marijuana use has moved past experimentation and into addiction. You may be wondering if rehab is necessary for teens using marijuana. The answer is: maybe. Teen addiction often starts with the common “gateway”[...]

Is Your Son Faking Sick To Get Out Of School? He Might Be Getting Bullied.

Sundance Canyon Academy provides a positive environment for troubled teen boys who need a bigger support system in their lives. Unfortunately, bullying is a common occurrence in many schools, and teens who are bullied suffer with higher rates of depression and anxiety because of it. If you are worried that your teen son is showing[...]

What Is ‘Sadfishing’ And Why Do Teens Do It?

The Sundance Canyon Academy staff have helped many teens overcome insecurity and low self-esteem to become more confident and successful. When teens lack the confidence to ask for help in person, they may turn to the internet as an outlet. If your teen son has been making sadfishing posts on social media and you are[...]

Is Your Teen Too Concerned Over Popularity?

Over the years, the staff at Sundance Canyon Academy have helped countless teens who have started drinking and using drugs in an attempt to be more popular. If your teen son is engaging in dangerous or reckless behavior because he wants to be more popular, it’s time to intervene. Contact us today to find out[...]

5 Common Reasons Teens Flunk Out Of School

5 Common Reasons Teens Flunk Out Of School Students at Sundance Canyon Academy earn high school class credits while enrolled in our program. Our trained therapists help students overcome the common hurdles to education and emphasize the importance of following through with responsibilities. Students at our residential treatment center learn critical life skills while earning[...]

Has Your Son Taken A Breakup Too Hard?

Has Your Son Taken A Breakup Too Hard? Breakups are hard no matter what age you are, but they’re especially tough on teenagers. This is doubly true if they are breaking up with their first love. Getting dumped can be a huge blow to their self-confidence, leading to depression and self-isolation. If your son has[...]

Is Substance Use Normal For Teens?

The therapists at Sundance Canyon Academy have helped countless teens battling substance abuse. We are writing on the topic today to help parents understand how to respond when their teens begin to use substances like drugs or alcohol. If your teen son struggles with substance use, call us today to find out if our residential[...]

Understanding The Effects of Teenage Trauma

Sundance Canyon Academy has helped many boys and their families with understanding the effects of teenage trauma, which is why we're writing on the topic. As a facility that helps troubled youth, we help young men by having them work with our specialized therapy team at a residential treatment facility. If you feel you need[...]

What To Do When Your Teen Won’t Take ADHD Meds

What To Do When Your Teen Won’t Take ADHD Meds It is surprisingly common for teens diagnosed with ADHD to avoid taking their prescribed medication. This can be very worrisome to parents helping their teens learn to live with ADHD. If you are the parent of a teen who is refusing to take ADHD medication,[...]

7 Misconceptions About Troubled Teen Programs

If you are thinking about sending your teen to a residential treatment center for troubled teens, or a similar program, you might have some misgivings. There are numerous misconceptions about troubled teen programs, namely therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers, that have given the industry a bad name. Though some schools for troubled teens[...]