Understanding The Effects of Teenage Trauma

Sundance Canyon Academy has helped many boys and their families with understanding the effects of teenage trauma, which is why we're writing on the topic. As a facility that helps troubled youth, we help young men by having them work with our specialized therapy team at a residential treatment facility. If you feel you need[...]

What To Do When Your Teen Won’t Take ADHD Meds

What To Do When Your Teen Won’t Take ADHD Meds It is surprisingly common for teens diagnosed with ADHD to avoid taking their prescribed medication. This can be very worrisome to parents helping their teens learn to live with ADHD. If you are the parent of a teen who is refusing to take ADHD medication,[...]

7 Misconceptions About Troubled Teen Programs

If you are thinking about sending your teen to a residential treatment center for troubled teens, or a similar program, you might have some misgivings. There are numerous misconceptions about troubled teen programs, namely therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers, that have given the industry a bad name. Though some schools for troubled teens[...]

Coronavirus Affecting Your Teen’s OCD? Here’s How To Help


People of all ages have had their mental health impacted by the novel coronavirus and the restrictions that have come as part of the efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, unlike adults, teenagers don't have the same resources and know-how to manage their mental health, so it is up for parents to step[...]

Where The Line Of Disrespect Has Been Crossed


A common issue that comes up when talking to our program advisors here at Sundance Canyon Academy is how parents have been disrespected by their teens. While a certain amount of boundary-pushing is part of growing up, there are times where the line of outright disrespect has been crossed. It can be tough for parents[...]

Is My Teen Right? Was Taking The Car & Phone Away Too Much?


Discipling children is always going to be a hot-button topic. If a parent takes away their kid's car keys or smartphones, there will be people who approve, others who say kids shouldn't have those things in the first place, and another group will condemn the parent as an authoritarian. Unsurprisingly, many teenagers who have had[...]

My Son Has Given Up On School. Now What?

Troubled Teenage Boy Has Given Up On School

It isn't uncommon for teens to hit snags in their education, particularly teenage boys who are high-energy and have a tough time sitting through 7-8 hours of school a day. A few bad grades and failed tests can be overcome with study and make-up work. But, if your son has given up on school entirely,[...]

Paralyzing Anxiety In Teen Boys Needs Proper Treatment

Paralyzing Anxiety In Teen Boys Needs Proper Treatment

Anxiety can be difficult for adults to manage. For teenage boys who are already struggling with usual teen difficulties, adding paralyzing anxiety on top can be crippling. Yet, some parents insist that teens need to push through and get over their anxiety without providing extra help or tools. At our residential treatment center for troubled[...]

Aftercare: Home Life For Your Son After The Residential Treatment Center

Aftercare: Home Life For Your Son After The Residential Treatment Center

Having your son come home after attending a residential treatment center for troubled teens can leave you feeling a range of emotions. From feeling excited to have your son home to worried that his good behavior isn’t permanent, preparing for your teenage son’s return can leave you feeling off-balance. Luckily, you don’t have to navigate[...]

What You Can Do If Your Teen Refuses To Go To School

What You Can Do If Your Teen Refuses To Go To School

It is one thing to have a seven-year-old declare that they won’t go to school. Their refusal can be a little cute, especially if you can still easily pick them up and load them into the car. But when it is your teen refusing to go to school, things are a bit more serious. If[...]