You Caught Your Teen Sneaking Out. How Do You Handle It?

We know it could happen at some point, but we hope that it won't. Teens are notorious for pushing boundaries and breaking the rules. So, it's no surprise that a teenager would try to sneak out of the house. However, it might be a shock to catch YOUR teen sneaking out. If they've been secretive[...]

How To Handle A Teen Who Lives Life Like There Are No Consequences

Teenagers often engage in power struggles with their parents. Teens don’t typically like being told what to do. They’re growing up and want more independence, and they don’t like being reminded that they’re not the ones in charge. So it’s no surprise when teens act headstrong and say that they don’t care about their punishments.[...]

How To Help Teen Son Struggling With Identity?

The teenage years are filled with changes. As a parent, it can be confusing to watch your kids hit puberty and (seemingly overnight) start to change into a new person. They begin to develop new interests and might even change their friend groups. However, some kids struggle more than others with finding their identity during[...]

Preparing Your ADHD Teen For Getting a Job

Summer jobs are a right of passage for many teenagers. Being able to earn their own money and be less reliant on their parents is a huge step toward independence. Kids who start working during their high school years are also more likely to develop life skills to help them as an adult. However, maintaining[...]

How A Poor Diet Could Be Reflecting Poor Teenage Mental Health

We all know the old saying, “You are what you eat.” But just how true is it? How much can our diet really affect our lives? It turns out diet plays a pretty significant role in determining how we feel, both physically and mentally. This is especially true for teenagers. Though a poor diet could[...]

What’s The Difference Between Distress And Stress In Teen Boys?

When teenage boys experience too much negative stress, they look for ways to reduce the stress and level back out. Some find healthy coping mechanisms like joining a sports team or playing music. Others develop negative coping skills like drinking or doing drugs. In both situations, the teens blow off some steam and calm back[...]

Challenges Unique To Gen Z

Each generation comes with its own set of pros and cons. Being born during a certain time in history gives us a perspective unique from other age groups. "Gen Z" refers to anyone born between 1997 and 2012. Today's Gen Z kids range in age from 9 (still a kid) to 24 (a young adult).[...]

How To Deal With A Teen Who Refuses To Do Their Chores

Having a teen who refuses to do their chores is tough! Not only do you have to provide a home, food, clothing, and everything else your child needs, you’ve also got to convince them to do their chores. Though it can be maddening to see that your teen hasn’t done their chores, try not to[...]

Put Differences With Your Ex Aside To Help Your Struggling Teen

Divorce is hard on everyone. If you’re going through a divorce, you’re bound to have some hard feelings towards your ex. And in all likelihood, they probably have some hard feelings towards you too. The whole process is stressful, hurtful, and generally upsetting. You probably just want it to be done as fast as possible[...]

Is Your Son Too Positive? Is That A Thing?

When we talk about “toxic” traits in people, positivity rarely comes up. Positivity is typically thought of as a good thing. Looking at the bright side of a bad situation and generally staying optimistic are both pretty good traits. However, toxic positivity does exist. It’s just a little harder to spot. If you are worried[...]