What’s The Difference Between Distress And Stress In Teen Boys?

When teenage boys experience too much negative stress, they look for ways to reduce the stress and level back out. Some find healthy coping mechanisms like joining a sports team or playing music. Others develop negative coping skills like drinking or doing drugs. In both situations, the teens blow off some steam and calm back[...]

Challenges Unique To Gen Z

Each generation comes with its own set of pros and cons. Being born during a certain time in history gives us a perspective unique from other age groups. "Gen Z" refers to anyone born between 1997 and 2012. Today's Gen Z kids range in age from 9 (still a kid) to 24 (a young adult).[...]

Put Differences With Your Ex Aside To Help Your Struggling Teen

Divorce is hard on everyone. If you’re going through a divorce, you’re bound to have some hard feelings towards your ex. And in all likelihood, they probably have some hard feelings towards you too. The whole process is stressful, hurtful, and generally upsetting. You probably just want it to be done as fast as possible[...]

Is Your Son Too Positive? Is That A Thing?

When we talk about “toxic” traits in people, positivity rarely comes up. Positivity is typically thought of as a good thing. Looking at the bright side of a bad situation and generally staying optimistic are both pretty good traits. However, toxic positivity does exist. It’s just a little harder to spot. If you are worried[...]

What Is Acceptance And Commitment Therapy And How Does It Help Teen Boys?

The teenage years are a swirl of emotions. As kids reach puberty, they get an influx of hormones that change everything from their bodies to their brain function. Kids start to grow larger and adjust to what is becoming their adult body. Meanwhile, they begin to have increased romantic attractions and feel the need to[...]

Why Does My Son Stay Locked In His Room All Day?

The teenage years come with a slew of new behaviors that can be tough for families to deal with. Many parents especially struggle when their teens start to spend more time locked in their rooms than hanging out with the family. Even though you know it’s coming, it hurts when the little kid who always[...]

What To Do When You Catch Your Son Stealing From The Medicine Cabinet

The ebb and flow of teen trends extend to the world of drugs and alcohol as well. As has been the case for many years, teenagers’ primary drug of choice is still marijuana. However, prescription drug use has become increasingly popular for teens and tweens in the past decade. Pharmaceuticals are easy to come by,[...]

My Teen Is Being Reckless – How Do I Talk To Him?

It’s no shock anymore when we see teens engaging in reckless behavior. It almost seems like that’s just what teenagers are supposed to do -- drive fast, try drugs and alcohol, and generally live impetuously. But why do the teen years so often coincide with dangerous or reckless behavior? There’s a long-standing debate about whether[...]

Is Vaping A Gateway To Worse Things For Teens?

Sundance Canyon Academy has helped numerous teens overcome their battle with addiction and substance abuse. If your teen son struggles with addiction and substance use, contact us today to find out how we can help your family. Rather than using the harsh methods of military schools and boot camps, our staff is trained in a[...]

Why Does Your Son Refuse To Participate In Family Activities?

As children reach puberty and move into their teenage years, it’s common for them to start spending more time with their friends and less time with their family. But what does it mean when teens refuse to participate in family activities altogether? Sometimes, all they need is more encouragement and structure around their family involvement[...]