Help For Single Parents Raising Troubled Teens

Being a single parent of a teenager is tough! They’re experiencing hormonal changes that change their bodies and their moods. As they learn to navigate their new, more adult, bodies they can get confused and frustrated. Relationships with friends start to take precedence over relationships with family members, and romantic interests begin to develop. If[...]

Why Teens Bury Their Worries In Video Games

Why Teens Bury Their Worries In Video Games Sundance Canyon Academy provides a supportive, therapeutic environment for teens struggling with anxiety and depression. Teens who bury their worries in video games may seem lazy, but there are often much deeper issues to blame. By surrounding the students with counselors trained in positive intervention techniques, teens[...]

How To Reverse Negative Thinking Patterns In Teen Boys

How To Reverse Negative Thinking Patterns In Teen Boys The trained therapists at Sundance Canyon Academy have helped countless teen boys overcome negative thinking patterns. We are writing on this topic today to help families learn to identify and reverse negative thinking patterns in their teen sons. If you are concerned that your son’s negative[...]

My Son Has Become A Bully. What Can I Do?

Many parents are faced with the challenge of learning what to do when their teen son becomes a bully. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we help teens learn to have empathy for others and to develop positive social skills. While some families resort to military schools or boot camps to address the behavior, our trained therapists[...]

Why Teen Boys Commit Crimes And How To Help Them Quit

Sundance Canyon Academy has helped numerous families with sons who commit crimes. Overcoming delinquent behavior is challenging, and many families need outside help from trained professionals. As a therapeutic boarding school, we implement strategies that are far more successful than military schools or teen boot camps. If you feel like your son needs help to[...]

My Son’s Troubles Started At School. Now It’s Trouble With The Law. What Can I Do?

Troubled Teenage Boy Arrested

Teens are known for pushing boundaries, from cutting class to staying out beyond their curfew. While these behaviors shouldn't be encouraged, many parents take them in stride as the independence-testing that they are and reign in their teenagers successfully. But it's not always that easy to get your teen on the right path. Sometimes, those[...]

How Boot Camp Makes Mental Health Disorders Worse

How Boot Camp Makes Mental Health Disorders Worse

Boot camps for troubled teens are often marketed as a cure-all for struggling teens, especially teenage boys, as they push that all these teens need is strict discipline and physical activity. While there is merit to providing teens with structure, discipline, and regular exercise, when it comes to mental health, teens need more than what[...]

I Don’t Feel Like Boot Camp Is The Answer, So What Can I Do For My Son?

Residential Treatment for Teen Boys

There is a certain amount of pop culture surrounding the myth that all a troubled teen boy needs is to attend a boot camp or military school to get him back in line. Problem is, the images portrayed in various TV shows and movies are far from reality. For instance, most military schools are considered[...]

Combine Therapy And Military Discipline At Residential Treatment Centers

If you feel your troubled teen would benefit from a program which combines both therapy and greater discipline, then you should be considering sending them to a residential treatment center. Why Combine Therapy And Military-Style Discipline At a residential treatment center, teens can benefit from the immersive therapeutic environment with the supporting structure of military-style[...]

Military Schools in Nebraska

Angry. Depressed. Frustrated. Worried. These are emotions that many Nebraska parents feel when they see their teenage son experiencing more problems due to bad behavior and untreated mental illness. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a family’s home life to be so tense that parents simply don’t know where to turn to get help. Traditional[...]