Reactive Attachment Disorder – Infographic


Reactive attachment disorder is a serious condition in which children do not form healthy attachments with family and/or those taking care of them. RAD is very rare and is only seen in a small amount of children, but knowing the signs early on could drastically make a difference in that child's life. We have worked with[...]

How We Treat Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) At Sundance Canyon Academy


What Is It? Reactive Attachment Disorder, commonly referred to as RAD, is a condition that occurs when the bond between a child and his primary caregiver is severely disrupted. During the time from birth to the age of three, children require loving and consistent interaction with a parent for healthy brain development. RAD is often[...]

Signs of Reactive Attachment Disorder


Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is sometimes found in children who have experienced a severe disruption in the bonding process between themselves and their primary parent. Trust and attachment are developed within the first five years of life when a child is consistently soothed, comforted and interacted with by a loving caretaker. During this process, they[...]

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder?

A consistent environment of affection, security and safety is usually required for children to establish healthy attachments and learn to trust others. Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) can occur when a young child is abused, abandoned or receives grossly negligent care which disrupts the bond between themselves and their primary caregiver. Children who are most at[...]