Podcast – Wilderness Therapy with John Karren

Chatting with Admissions Director/Owner John Kerran from Elements Wilderness  to talk about their program for teens. John also gives some information on his young adults (18+) program Elements Traverse, using a similar approach to recovery and change.   music by

Podcast – Culinary arts with Allen Saena

Allen Saena sits down with me to discuss the culinary arts program.

Podcast – Play therapy with struggling teens

How to Create Family Peace for the Holidays

Frank Brunt, Program Director at Sundance Canyon Academy, talks about play therapy a.k.a. rec therapy.

Podcast – Talking about values with struggling teens

Talking with Boyd Hooper, sdmissions director at Sundance Canyon Academy, about how to have the conversation with your struggling teenager about values.

SCA Podcast presents Kathy Kinghorn – addiction to pornography

Nate Stoddard sits down and talks with Kathy Kinghorn from Therapy Utah,  a certified porn and sex addiction therapist, to discuss a topic that parents with struggling teens are asking themselves: What should I know about porn addiction?     Music: