Educating Your Kids This Bullying Month on the Difference Between Bullying & Teasing


October has been established as National Bullying Prevention Month. Parents should take the opportunity this month presents to educate their kids about the differences between bullying and teasing, as it can make a huge difference in their children’s lives. Bullying Creates Significant Damage Older generations often dismissed verbal bullying as simple teasing or with phrases[...]

Podcast – Talking about values with struggling teens

Talking with Boyd Hooper, sdmissions director at Sundance Canyon Academy, about how to have the conversation with your struggling teenager about values.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Arkansas

Are you an Arkansas parent of a troubled teen who wants to get the best help possible? It can be very confusing to try to figure out what your teenage son needs when he is struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. Many teens across the country have found success with therapeutic boarding schools.[...]

Social Media’s Impact On Self-Esteem & It’s Effects On Teens Today – Infographic

Do you wonder If your teen is being effected by social media? Social media does incredible things for teens today, but  knowing how it can impact your teens self esteem can prepare you to be more capable of helping your teen during these times. Often teens are shown unrealistic expectations that can influence their lives.[...]

The Dangers Of Helicopter Parenting Boys In The Defining Teen Years

While most parents will agree that a hands-on approach to raising kids can be a good thing, they may not really recognize when parental behavior crosses over the line into "helicopter parenting."  Helicopter parenting, which is defined as extreme over-involvement by parents in a teen's life, can actually hinder a teen's normal growth and development. The[...]

Help for parents of troubled teens

  If you are on this website, then chances are that you’ ve had problems with your teenager and are looking for help. But you probably wonder if your child truly needs some type of intervention, or if it’ s just a “ phase” that they are going through, here are some warning signs that your child[...]

Choosing the right program for my troubled teenager?

  That’s a question you could very well be asking yourself at this point. With all the options available to you it can be a bit daunting, especially when the item at hand is your child’s future. When considering which choice is the best for you and your troubled teenager, consider what it is that you are looking[...]