Can You Achieve Successful Behavior Modification At A Youth Boot Camp?

Boot camp

Parents struggling with a troubled teen may consider boot camp as an option. Putting your child in a structured environment—one that offers challenges and discipline—can seem like a quick way to whip them into shape. More and more, however, researchers are finding boot camps are merely a band-aid, failing to cultivate real and lasting changes[...]

At-Home Solutions to Addressing Your Son’s Overreactions

To go with your son’s adolescent growth-spurt, a nasty little temper might take over your teenager. Simple conversations can deteriorate into arguments. Basic rules twist into tyrannical edicts in his eyes. You might long for the peace of days past when the biggest complaint your agreeable little boy protested was his bedtime. However, you can[...]

How Teens Can Learn to Overcome Their Depression

Teens struggle with a myriad of feelings, and parents might not know how to tell the difference between the blues and teen depression. However, situational depression, precipitated by a specific event, is temporary, while long-term depression is more serious and happens for numerous reasons. In addition to overall sadness, withdrawal and feelings of despair, clinical[...]

Resolving Issues With Your Depressive Teen When He Gives You The Silent Treatment

Teen depression is serious. Approximately 20 percent of teens experience depression before they hit adulthood, and as many as 15 percent of teenagers can experience symptoms sometime during adolescence. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents. These statistics are the reasons parents must pay attention to the silent treatment, and try to[...]

Effective Ways Parents Can Learn To Reconnect With Their Teens

Remember as teenagers we felt as if our own parents didn’t understand, and we swore we’d be ‘cool’ as parents? The only problem is that now we are the parents, and we still feel disconnected from our teenagers. So, it seems, the pattern of teens pulling away from the parents does indeed repeat generation after[...]

Coming Home from Treatment: How to Keep Your Teens on a Positive Path

Coming home from a therapeutic boarding school can be an exciting, yet frightening experience for teens and their parents. Going from a structured environment to home life isn’t always an easy transition. Not only do teens have to learn how to take what they were taught in treatment and apply it to their home and[...]

Drug Abuse Is Too Easy With Dangerous New Innovations In the Drug Business

Several innovative products on the market today are enticing more teenagers than ever to get involved with drugs and alcohol. While these products are completely legal for adults, they are rapidly finding their way into the hands of teenagers, where they are not appropriate. Drug abuse is too easy with dangerous new innovations in the[...]

Help Your Teen By Discussing Mental Disorders Early

As medical experts are gaining more understanding of mental illnesses, diagnoses and treatments are becoming more common. Chances are, teens will encounter someone in their friends or family groups with a mental disorder, and parents can help them learn more about these conditions by holding discussions early and frequently. Teens and Mental Disorders Mental disorders[...]