Where Can I Send My Out of Control Teenager?

There comes the point when outrageous behavior becomes too much to manage. When teenage behavior gets out of hand, parents are stuck figuring out what to do. You love your kid and want the best for them, but what can you do when they refuse to follow the rules? You need to know where you[...]

Top 10 Things To Help Motivate Teens

Trying to dream up motivation for teens can be a huge undertaking. You know what your kid needs to do, but they don’t seem to care. Now you’re finding ways to motivate them to follow through with their responsibilities without having to nag them all the time. Some teens have a hard time with motivation[...]

What is a Glass Child?

When a teen enters Sundance Canyon Academy, we work with the whole family to improve home life and strengthen relationships. We provide counseling for the student individually, but we also work with parents and siblings to foster growth and progress toward a happier home life. Part of growing as a family includes thinking through sibling[...]

Helping Teens Learn Boundaries

Kids start to branch out and develop more independence during the teen years. They start hanging out with friends on their own. They start dating. They travel for school events. They start driving. Teens need to learn how to navigate social situations independently, but it’s not always easy. There are a lot of first-time experiences[...]

My Brother Has RAD – What Does It Mean?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we focus on a family-centered therapy approach. When teens come to our school for help, we know that there are other members of the family who have been affected by our new student’s behavior. We are writing on this topic to help siblings who have a brother with RAD understand the[...]

How to Help Your LGBTQ Son Find Friends

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we work with a lot of families who need help supporting their LGBTQ teens. We are writing on this topic to provide tips for parents who want to support their kids and help them make friends. The teen and tween years are an awkward age for almost everyone. Kids start to[...]

How to Intervene with ODD in Teens

Dealing with teenage rebellion can be one of the most frustrating parts of parenthood. As your teen starts coming into their own, they want more independence and don’t want to follow the rules. They want the freedom of an adult, but they aren’t ready for it yet. As a parent, it’s your role to teach[...]

Parents Corner: Helping With Teenage Loneliness

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we talk to a lot of parents who are worried about their teen son’s loneliness. They worry that social isolation might be causing depression and anxiety, and they worry that their kid won’t grow up to have the social skills he needs. We also recognize that some teens with mental health[...]

Anxiety Treatment Center for Teen Boys

The teen years are tough for everyone. During this period of adolescence, kids start to develop into adults both physically and mentally. As you can imagine and remember, some growing pains coincide with these changes. During high school, kids start to navigate social cliques and teen crushes. They make friends, lose friends, fall in and[...]

How to Help Your Teen Who Cuts

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we regularly hear from parents who have discovered that their teen cuts themself, and they don’t know how to help. We are writing on this topic to help parents understand cutting behavior and help their teen who cuts. It probably came as a shock when you first learned that your teen[...]