Understanding Teen Avoidance Behavior

Understanding Teen Avoidance Behavior

Everyone has fears and things that cause them anxiety, and teenagers are no exception. Most of us learn to live with our fears and effectively manage our anxiety without allowing these issues to cripple us. However, some teens may need more help than simply growing older and gaining experience can provide. Whether due to trauma,[...]

4 Steps to Take to Turn Your Troubled Son’s Life Around

Troubled Son’s Life Around

<When you have a troubled teenage son you may wonder how he’ll make it through adolescence, let alone transition to a successful adult. And your son will need significant support to overcome the challenges holding him back. This may involve therapy, or he may benefit from attending a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. The[...]

Educating Your Kids This Bullying Month on the Difference Between Bullying & Teasing


October has been established as National Bullying Prevention Month. Parents should take the opportunity this month presents to educate their kids about the differences between bullying and teasing, as it can make a huge difference in their children’s lives. Bullying Creates Significant Damage Older generations often dismissed verbal bullying as simple teasing or with phrases[...]

6 Things You Should Know About Financing A School For Troubled Teens

When your teen is failing to thrive in their current environment, sending them to a school for troubled teens can be the best move for your teen. For many parents, the financing this specialized private schooling can be difficult. If your family is in this position, there are six things you should know about financing[...]

What Research Has To Say About Youth Boot Camps For Behavior Modification

Frustrated parents who feel like they have done all they can to change their troubled teens' bad behaviors may investigate youth boot camps as a way to help their teens undergo behavior modification. But research has shown that outside of juvenile detention, youth boot camps are the least effective way to conduct behavior modification in[...]

Preparing For The New Year With Troubled Teens At Home

Looking back at the past twelve months, you probably see a lot of conflict. When you have a troubled teenager in your home, every day feels like a fight, every night riddled with worry. As a new year approaches, you may feel burnt out and lacking hope for a better twelve months ahead. With the[...]

Recognizing Your Teens’ True Intentions When They Are Sexually Deviant

As a parent, you naturally feel concerned about your child before he even reaches his teen years. You might wonder how to cope with common issues, such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol, curfew violations or bullying. Like most children, your son might be curious about sexuality. While much of this curiosity is normal, children[...]

Teenage Boys and Sexual Deviance

A lot of parents are hesitant to speak openly with their children about sex. It's never a comfortable conversation to have, leading both teenagers and their parents to feel awkward. Sadly, this is the reason many parents tend to avoid the subject altogether, and intervene only when they suspect a problem. However, a habit of[...]

Parenting Tips: Dealing With Troubled Teen Boys

Parenting any teenage boy can be a difficult journey. If you think yours is facing extra challenges, your situation can be even harder to navigate. Today's teenagers have to live in a pretty complicated world. School, friends, and family concerns can already provide a significant amount of stress and angst for our teenage boys. When[...]

Alternative School for Troubled Teenage Boys

According to the American Psychological Association, over 1 million youth in America enter the juvenile court system each year. Of those, approximately 160,000 are recommended for residential treatment such as correctional institutions, group homes, or detention centers. Unfortunately, many of these programs end up doing teens a disservice, increasing their problems with depression, more risky[...]