7 Tips to Help Your Teen Understand Their Emotional Health

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we hear from many parents concerned about their son’s emotional well-being. Teen boys often need guidance in learning to process their emotional responses to situations. Today, we are writing on the topic to give parents some tips on how to teach their teen to understand his emotional health. For more information[...]

Destructive Teen Behavior: A Guide to Help Parents Cope

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have helped many teens learn to overcome violent tendencies. We regularly work with families whose teens display outwardly violent behavior as well as self-harming behavior. If you are worried that your teen’s violence is getting out of hand, contact us for more information about our boarding school for troubled boys.[...]

Why Teens Need to Learn Anger Management Skills

When teenagers have trouble managing their anger, things can get out of control quickly. They can cause chaos at home and in the classroom. Some anger outbursts can be verbally aggressive. Others can be physically aggressive. In either case, uncontrolled anger is unacceptable and makes life harder for everyone. If this behavior is left unchecked,[...]

Healing Shame Based Behavior in Teen Boys

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we work with teen boys who are learning to overcome their past behavior. Many of our students have made serious mistakes and are dealing with the consequences of their actions. They want to move on, but they don’t know how to change their reputation and regain respect. We are writing on[...]

Protecting Your Teen Online: How to Manage Healthy Screen Time

When children spend too much time in front of screens, they can develop problems at home and school. Too much screen time can get in the way of family time, socializing, homework, chores, and even sleeping enough. Teens who have too much screen time can also develop unhealthy eating habits, attention disorders, and social problems.[...]

Gaming Cyberbullying: Signs to Watch for on Gaming Platforms

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we hear from a lot of parents who are concerned that their son is being bullied. With the rise of social media and online gaming, it’s easier than ever for teens to bully one another outside of school. If you are worried that your son is developing low self-esteem from cyberbullying,[...]

Can Music Help Your Teen Manage Anxiety?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have talked with many parents who want to help their teen manage anxiety. While attending our school, students work with trained therapists to learn various anxiety-reducing techniques. When they are at home, you can work with your teen to help them learn and use anxiety-reducing techniques. Today, we are discussing[...]

Teen Depression Guide for Parents

Teens who struggle with depression might need more help than you can give them at home. At Sundance Canyon Academy, our therapists are trained to work directly with teens who need help overcoming depression. Through valuable one-on-one and group therapy sessions, students learn positive coping strategies to help make it through their dark moods. Contact[...]

What To Do When Your Teen Starts Stealing Your Money

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with countless teens who have stolen from friends and family. Some steal with a purpose in mind (like using the money to buy something they want). Others steal simply because they can. In either situation, our counselors are trained to help troubled teen boys address the root of[...]

How To Teach Healthy Confrontation

As your child grows up, you are bound to get into disagreements with one another. When they’re little, the disagreements probably stay pretty small. Maybe they don’t want to put their toys away when you tell them to, or they don’t want to turn their video games off even though it’s bedtime. It’s important to[...]