Teen Keeps Sneaking Out of the House

Having a teenager keeps you on your toes. Between their mood swings and their seemingly endless appetite, your home life can get a little chaotic. If your teen is blatantly breaking the rules, though, home life can become a lot more than just chaotic. Their behavior can become a major source of stress and anxiety[...]

Boot Camp for Lazy Kids

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we hear from a lot of parents who are curious whether or not a bootcamp will help their lazy teen or tween. We are writing on the topic today to highlight the pros and cons of choosing a bootcamp to help your teen or tween stop being lazy and start being[...]

Testing for Reactive Attachment Disorder in Teens

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we work with numerous students who have developed Reactive Attachment Disorder. We are writing on the topic today to help parents understand what causes Reactive Attachment Disorder, how to notice it in your child, and what to do if you suspect that your child has Reactive Attachment Disorder. Reactive Attachment Disorder[...]

How the COVID Pandemic is Impacting Teens 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, including children and teens. The social isolation, worry, and stress associated with the pandemic have caused increased mental health problems for teens. Teens who already battled depression and anxiety have been hit especially hard. If you are concerned that your teenage son’s depression or anxiety is becoming more than[...]

A Parent’s Guide to Teenage Depression

Most, if not all, teens will be sad from time to time. Maybe there’s strife among their friend group. Perhaps they didn’t make the sports team or get the part in a school play they wanted. Maybe they have a crush on someone, but that person doesn’t have the same feelings for them. The high[...]

What Teen Discipline Works in 2021

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we get a lot of questions from parents wondering about the best ways to discipline their teens. We realize that discipline methods have changed over the years. So, we are writing about the types of teen discipline that work in 2021 to help parents keep up with the latest discipline trends.[...]

Why Do Teens Talk About Suicide and Have Dark Thoughts?

The teenage years coincide with a flood of hormones and new life experiences that can wreak havoc on your teen’s emotions. Most teenagers go through this period with some ups and downs. Your teen will probably have some sad days or days when they want to listen to angry music and let go of their[...]

What Is Considered Defiant Behavior In Teens?

As the parent of a teenager, you can expect some tension. During the teen years, kids try to exert more independence and do things on their own. However, they will also try to do some things that you don’t allow them to do, and they will likely question your authority. Your teen might test the[...]

Dealing With “Know It All” Children

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we hear from many parents who are at their wit’s end with teenagers who act like they know everything. We recognize that it’s incredibly frustrating and worrisome when your teen does whatever they want with complete disregard to your advice. Today, we are writing on the topic of dealing with “know[...]

How Parents Can Support Healthy Teenage Dating

[caption id="attachment_5856" align="alignnone" width="1999"] Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash[/caption] At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have spoken to numerous parents concerned about their teen’s relationships. Romantic relationships are very important to teenagers, and it’s a challenge to teach your teen how to have a healthy romantic relationship. It can also be tough to get your[...]