Can My Teenage Boy Get A High School Diploma at Residential Treatment Centers

Residential treatment centers are full time teen help programs designed to provide intensive help for youth with extreme behavioral, emotional and mental conditions. These facilities provide housing and round the clock monitoring so that teens can be immersed in a therapeutic environment and constantly coached and guided by trained and experienced staff. Such programs are usually considered a last resort for teens that have not responded to parental discipline or outpatient efforts for emotional or psychiatric needs. If you have determined that a full time facility is the next step for your troubled teen, it will help you to know what your options are and what they provide in order to help your son move forward in his life.

While curriculums and accreditation will differ based on the facility, most residential treatment centers offer academic programs in conjunction with their therapeutic schedule. While some places will simply offer a guided path toward taking the GED, you may want to consider the benefits of taking a traditional educational route for a high school diploma. Many facilities offer services such as extra tutoring, grade repair and a commitment to keeping each resident on track academically so they can join their own class upon their return home. Regardless of which option appeals to you, you should carefully research the educational credentials of every program you are considering so you can ensure that they are at least up to minimum industry standards.

As you explore your options, you will soon learn that not all state laws and regulations are created equal when it comes to teen help programs. For instance, some states do not require their educators and tutors to obtain or maintain any kind of formal training or educational license in order to teach. Additionally, some academic programs are not actually accredited, leaving any academic work your teen does at risk for not being officially recognized. Another factor to consider is whether a facility is equipped to help your son work off existing 504 plans and IEP’s. Familiarize yourself with the laws in the states you are considering, so you know what to look for. There is no reason your teen shouldn’t be able to continue his academic journey while he is making the changes he needs to become healthy, happy and more balanced.

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