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Boys Residential Treatment Centers in Ohio

If you are parenting a severely troubled teen, then you are familiar with the level of turmoil he can cause within himself and his surroundings. Behavioral issues like defiance, depression, substance abuse or mental disorders can also disrupt healthy adolescent development. In such cases, many parents turn to full time help facilities to give their son the therapeutically intensive environment they can’t provide at home. Although you are likely to research boys residential treatment centers in Ohio first, we want to encourage you to explore all of your options before you make a decision. There are actually a number of benefits to placing your teen in a facility a little further from home, including:

  1. Entirely unique surroundings where teens can leave the pressures, triggers and temptations of their usual environment behind. Removing troubled boys from the home is an effective way to encourage a new state of mind and an opportunity for him to reinvent himself.

  2. Parents and teens are able to take some time apart that is monitored and managed by professionals dedicated to helping each party explore the changes they need to make for a healthier relationship. Temporary distance can be useful for breaking the cycle of power struggles, but is impossible to accomplish while living in the same household.

  3. Residential treatment centers also provide respite for parents that need an emotional and physical break from the toll of raising a troubled teen. While you regroup, you can rest easy knowing that your son is being coached and guided by experienced professionals dedicated to helping him turn his life around.

  4. Each state has different laws and requirements that govern teen help programs. Issues such as accreditation, licensing and background checks are all subject to location. Utah is currently popular among parents throughout the nation because it has the strictest and most comprehensive laws in the country.

What Does Sundance Canyon Academy Offer?

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We specialize in helping troubled boys from throughout the country learn to manage or overcome their challenges through a unique relationship based therapy system. Unlike boys residential treatment centers in Ohio, we do not employ behavior modification therapy. Instead, we have developed a holistic program that encourages our students to identify their core issues and resolve them through a strength based approach designed to engage students through a wide variety of therapy modalities. This method heals from the inside out, rather than simply addressing the symptoms of the problem as many other programs do. When combined with an accredited academic program, experiential therapy, recreational activities and life skills opportunities, students are able to work through the program with a plan of care that is uniquely designed. Our Aftercare option supports the whole family during the transition back to home and regular life.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Here To Support You

We know that this experience is difficult and painful and we want you to know that we share your goal. We want to help your troubled teen overcome his issues in the long term and go on to be the capable and caring young man you know he is. While it is reasonable to want to keep your son close in a boys residential treatment center in Ohio, we urge you to remember that your top priority should be selecting a facility that is safe, experienced and a good fit for your son’s needs, regardless of where it is located.

For more information on our program, or a consultation, please contact us today at Sundance Canyon Academy (866) 640-1899. We look forward to talking to you.

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