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Boys Residential Treatment Centers in Massachusetts

If your teen is exhibiting severe behavioral issues, then you are aware of the amount of chaos he can cause in his surroundings as well as his own healthy emotional development. In cases like this, many parents look to more intensive therapeutic options, such as full time facilities, to help their son. Although boys residential treatment centers in Massachusetts is likely where you will begin your research, we want you to know that there are also many benefits to facilities a little further from home. Some of these are:

  1. Unique surroundings where teens can be free of the pressures, triggers and temptations they associate with their usual home and social environment. Each boy is able to start over with a clean slate.

  2. Teens and their parents are able to take a break from the negative cycle of discipline and power struggles that characterize the turbulent adolescent years. Each party can independently work on their own issues in order to create a better relationship.

  3. Full time programs provide respite for emotionally exhausted parents, while their son is supported in an environment designed to help him make positive changes.

  4. Because each state has its own laws and regulations for teen help programs, things such as accreditation, licensing and background checks are all subject to location. Utah currently has the most comprehensive laws in the nation and is a popular destination for troubled teens throughout the country.

What Is Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We have been helping troubled teen boys overcome their issues more effectively than the boys residential treatment centers in Massachusetts for many years. Our unique relationship based therapy system encourages students to identify and resolve their core issues and heal from the inside out. Other facilities employ behavior modification techniques, which only target the symptoms. Our holistic program incorporates a strength based approach, which engages students through a variety of therapy modalities, including; group, individual and family, as well as experiential and recreational options. We combine this approach with an accredited academic program and life skills opportunities in order to offer our students an experience that will prepare them for a healthy lifestyle.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Here To Support You

We know that this has been a long road for you and we want you to know that you do not have to go through this process alone. We want to help you guide your troubled teen toward gaining the tools he needs for positive, long term changes. While we understand that you would prefer a boys residential treatment center in Massachusetts in order to keep him close to you, we urge you to remember that finding a facility that is safe and experienced is more important than location.

For more information on our program, or a consultation about your son, please contact us today at Sundance Canyon Academy (866) 640-1899.

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