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Boarding Schools In Utah For Boys That Have Lost Control Of Their Lives

Therapeutic boarding schools are full time residential treatment centers that provide housing and specialized care for teens with severe behavioral issues. The supportive and immersive environment of such programs allows teens to get away from the triggers and temptations they deal with at home and become more receptive to making positive changes. With the help of experienced therapists and counselors, troubled teens learn to identify the core of their issues and gain the skills they need to manage them in a healthy way. Full time programs are usually a last resort for parents whose teens are unable or unwilling to respond to any outpatient efforts by their parents or teachers.

What Is Special About Utah Boarding Schools?

Most facilities offer a combination of group, individual and family therapies and academics, although the actual curriculum will vary depending on the program. Some also include additional options like recreation, music, culinary and experiential therapies in order to engage each teen on a personal level. The primary objective of therapeutic boarding schools in Utah is to help troubled teens heal from the inside out for the greatest chance of long term success. Some of the benefits you can expect from a good facility are:

  1. Individualized Plan of Care – Your teen is as unique as his particular combination of challenges. He will be evaluated upon arrival by a qualified therapist in order to establish a baseline for his needs as well as craft a plan of care that is personalized.

  2. Academics – Many facilities offer academic programs. Your teen can keep up with his class at home, or make up for misused time with the help of licensed tutors and instructors that will guide him forward at his own pace.

  3. Safety – Utah has the most comprehensive laws in the nation overseeing therapeutic boarding schools. Parents throughout the country are anxious to send their sons to facilities that are high quality, safe and experienced.

  4. One-on-one Interaction – Each troubled boy needs regular individual attention by his therapists and counselors in order to establish reasonable goals and healthy relationships with authority figures. As he works his way through the program, he will be personally encouraged to practice better communication with peers and set the stage for more positive relationships in the future.

  5. Respite – Full time programs offer valuable emotional and physical respite for exhausted parents and caregivers. It is important for parents to take the time to recover while their son is safely supported and guided in an environment dedicated to helping him gain the tools he needs to succeed.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We are dedicated to helping troubled teen boys overcome their behavioral issues through a unique relationship based therapy model that helps them take care of the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms, as so many behavior modification programs do. Please contact us today for a consultation at 1-866-678-2425.

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