Educating Your Kids This Bullying Month on the Difference Between Bullying & Teasing

October has been established as National Bullying Prevention Month. Parents should take the opportunity this month presents to educate their kids about the differences between bullying and teasing, as it can make a huge difference in their children’s lives. Bullying Creates Significant Damage Older generations often dismissed verbal bullying as simple teasing or with phrases Read more..

6 Things You Should Know About Financing A School For Troubled Teens

When your teen is failing to thrive in their current environment, sending them to a school for troubled teens can be the best move for your teen. For many parents, the financing this specialized private schooling can be difficult. If your family is in this position, there are six things you should know about financing Read more..

Treating Anxiety At A Residential Treatment Center For Teens

For many parents, it can seem impossible to help their troubled teens work through their anxiety. Their anxiety often cannot be resolved by simply talking with a parent, and unchecked anxiety can seriously stunt a teen’s personal growth if not addressed. Therapy with professionals who specialize in working with adolescents is the best way to Read more..

What Research Has To Say About Youth Boot Camps For Behavior Modification

Frustrated parents who feel like they have done all they can to change their troubled teens’ bad behaviors may investigate youth boot camps as a way to help their teens undergo behavior modification. But research has shown that outside of juvenile detention, youth boot camps are the least effective way to conduct behavior modification in Read more..

Can You Achieve Successful Behavior Modification At A Youth Boot Camp?

Parents struggling with a troubled teen may consider boot camp as an option. Putting your child in a structured environment—one that offers challenges and discipline—can seem like a quick way to whip them into shape. More and more, however, researchers are finding boot camps are merely a band-aid, failing to cultivate real and lasting changes Read more..

Medical Licensing For A Therapeutic Boarding School

Parents looking to place their troubled teen into qualified hands should take into account the medical licensing of the therapeutic boarding schools they are considering. At this time, there is no federal standard that requires therapeutic boarding schools to supply specific medical licensing. Utah Medical Licensing Requirements For A Therapeutic Boarding School One example of Read more..

​Getting Ready For Another School Year With Your Troubled Teen

Another school year is beginning and it is an exciting time. Teenagers are moving further and further into their future plans and seeing it on the horizon. Each new year is a new step in its direction. But not everyone is thrilled by the prospect of another year. When you have a troubled teenager at Read more..

​Behavior Modification Treatment At A Boarding School For Troubled Teens

Being a parent is never easy. There is no single way to do it, no hard and set rules to making sure you make the best decisions and we all make mistakes. When we are trying to navigate the difficulties of a troubled teen it can be such a heavy burden of guilt and uncertainty Read more..

​Treating Suicidal Ideation At A Residential Treatment Center For Teens

Teenagers say many things they don’t mean when faced with difficult and explosive emotions. It is a part of growing up, feeling that intense sweep of emotions that are so big they can’t be controlled. Part of it is the unfamiliar collection of hormones that they are experiencing in overdrive. The other part is the Read more..

​Troubled Teens Benefit Most From Residential Treatment Centers

For years you have been fighting an uphill battle. Therapists, counselors, religious leaders, school administrators, teachers, even legal representatives. Your teenage, who has been struggling with behavioral issues for awhile, just seems to be getting worse and worse. You have tried reasoning, punishing, even begging, with no effect. There are a myriad of potential causes Read more..