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Behavioral Changes You Can Expect From A Therapeutic Boarding School For Boys

There can come a time when it feels like nothing will change your troubled teen boy’s poor behavior. But no matter how deeply entrenched your son’s unsatisfactory behavior has become, his attitude and overall behavior can benefit and change from time spent at a therapeutic boarding school.

Have Your Son Develop New, Respectful Attitude

Many troubled boys arrive at therapeutic boarding schools after engaging in a significant amount of defiant behavior. Generally, that behavior has affected all aspects of their lives from their home lives to school. Therapeutic boarding schools help troubled teen boys work through their defiant behavior in a number of ways.

  1. Group therapy – Being able to connect with peers who struggle with similar issues while being guided through the group therapy session can help troubled teen boys reframe their former defiant behavior in a more acceptable manner.

  2. Natural consequences – Academics is another large area where teen boys turn defiant. Therapeutic boarding schools focus on natural consequences of poor behavior. For instance, if a troubled teen refuses to participate in the required school work, then he will have to remain without anything to do as his classmate learn. He will also miss out on the rewards others will receive as they complete classwork.

  3. Personalized therapy – One-on-one with a mental health professional who has specific training in working with troubled youth will help troubled teen boys come to grips with their defiant attitude. During therapy sessions, your son will work with his therapist to uncover what led to the defiant behavior and how it can be resolved.

Boys Change From Directionless To Purposeful

A worrisome behavior that many troubled teens express is a directionless approach to life. Whether it is due to them not finding an interest to become passionate about or due to self-doubt, a directionless teen is one who is more likely to fall into troubling behaviors.

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our program focuses helping troubled teen boys become successful and purposeful young men. We have expanded beyond basic educational needs and provide musical classes, hands-on culinary arts instruction, and cooperative outdoor recreation activities to help the troubled teen boys in our program discover something which drives them to action. Other therapeutic boarding schools may offer different programs.

Troubled Boys Can Become Positive And Uplifting

While it is a common TV trope that teen boys are negative clouds of gloom, it’s a lot less appealing in a person you have to live with on a day-to-day basis. At Sundance, we have seen that by helping troubled teen boys work through their defiant bad attitude and assisting them in becoming more purposeful, the negative, pessimistic behavior also goes away as a natural consequence.

If these behavioral changes are something you want for your son, then contact us today to start the process.

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