Is Your Son Going A Million Directions At Once? How To Help Him Focus

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with countless students who needed additional help learning how to focus. Teens who have ADD or ADHD regularly struggle with time management, focus, and following through with their responsibilities. We are writing on this topic to help parents learn strategies to help their teens focus more and follow Read more..

Is Your Son Cussing Out Everybody? Teen Boarding Schools Can Help With Swearing Issues

When you first hear your child use a swear word, it can be a little disconcerting. Depending on your son’s age, your reaction might vary. When little kids use those words, they’re typically just trying out a new word that they’ve heard. So, you probably don’t take it too seriously. When teens and tweens use Read more..

Depression Denial? How To Talk To Your Struggling Teen Son

As a parent, it can feel overwhelming when your child struggles with mental health problems. Learning how to talk to your struggling teen son about his depression is key to helping him overcome it. Your son might be reluctant to talk about it at first, or he might be experiencing depression denial. By bringing the Read more..

Teen Substance Abuse On The Rise Following The Pandemic

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with numerous families worried about their teen’s mental health following the pandemic. The upheaval of the pandemic has driven many teens to start abusing substances to cope with their stress and depression. Our therapists work with students to replace substance abuse with positive coping skills. If you are Read more..

Why Does My Teen Son Break Everything When He’s Mad?

Teens are known for being moody and getting frustrated easily. Sometimes, their frustration can lead to sulking and regressing to their room. Other times, it can lead to angry outbursts. This period of adolescence is an important time for teens to learn appropriate ways to deal with frustration. Some teens vent their frustration far more Read more..

Does Your Son Say He Wants To Dropout Of School? How To Discuss It With Him.

Many students come to Sundance Canyon Academy because they struggle in their traditional school. The standard school model doesn’t work well for all students, so our staff is trained to work with various learning abilities. Students who attend our residential boarding school receive high school credits that count toward graduation while they are in our Read more..

Teenager Isn’t Bothering With Homework Assignments Anymore. Why?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with countless families whose teens have stopped caring about their homework assignments. Some of our students struggle with behavioral disorders or learning disorders. Others simply lack the life skills needed to follow through with their responsibilities. If your teen son isn’t bothering with homework assignments anymore, contact us Read more..

You Caught Your Teen Sneaking Out. How Do You Handle It?

We know it could happen at some point, but we hope that it won’t. Teens are notorious for pushing boundaries and breaking the rules. So, it’s no surprise that a teenager would try to sneak out of the house. However, it might be a shock to catch YOUR teen sneaking out. If they’ve been secretive Read more..

How To Handle A Teen Who Lives Life Like There Are No Consequences

Teenagers often engage in power struggles with their parents. Teens don’t typically like being told what to do. They’re growing up and want more independence, and they don’t like being reminded that they’re not the ones in charge. So it’s no surprise when teens act headstrong and say that they don’t care about their punishments. Read more..

How To Help Teen Son Struggling With Identity?

The teenage years are filled with changes. As a parent, it can be confusing to watch your kids hit puberty and (seemingly overnight) start to change into a new person. They begin to develop new interests and might even change their friend groups. However, some kids struggle more than others with finding their identity during Read more..