How Time at a Therapeutic Boarding School Can Stop The Family Discord

Sending your teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens is a tough decision to make, as it impacts the whole family. Yet, the benefits often strongly outweigh any reservations there may be. These benefits aren’t only seen by the teen attending a therapeutic boarding school. As troubled teens receive the help they need, Read more..

Paralyzing Anxiety In Teen Boys Needs Proper Treatment

Anxiety can be difficult for adults to manage. For teenage boys who are already struggling with usual teen difficulties, adding paralyzing anxiety on top can be crippling. Yet, some parents insist that teens need to push through and get over their anxiety without providing extra help or tools. At our residential treatment center for troubled Read more..

Quality Education and Effective Counseling at Residential Treatment Centers

Short-term programs—ranging from in-patient care to boot camps—are stop-gap measures that some parents try to help their teenagers back onto the right path. But, for deep-seated issues, quick fixes are not the answer. For teenagers who need long-term care to get back on track, residential treatment centers for troubled teens are what is needed. While Read more..

The Mental Health Benefits Of Leaving The City And Finding Help In Nature

Living in a city or in crowded suburbs can take a toll on the mental health of children, teens, and adults. But for teens grappling with mental health issues, the opportunity to get into trouble while they are struggling is far higher. To help combat this, some residential treatment centers for troubled teens are located Read more..

What Is Considered Normal Teenage Rebellion?

Rebellion is a hallmark of the teen years. It’s such a classic part of being a teen that you see it in all forms of entertainment to help communicate that a character is a teenager. But sometimes, parents who are in the trenches with their teens may wonder what is considered normal teenage rebellion and Read more..

Qualified Professionals Are The Help Your Troubled Teen Needs

Acting out is normal for teenagers, as is a certain amount of boundary-pushing and other less-than-desirable behaviors. These things really only start to become a problem when your teen will not change their actions and behaviors after receiving correction. Because, for some teenagers, leaving behind troubling behaviors can be incredibly difficult. For teens that don’t Read more..

Out-Of-Control Behavior Requires Therapeutic Intervention

Temper tantrums and other outbursts can be manageable in young children. However, the problem is, when struggling teens engage in out-of-control behavior, it is far more difficult for parents to help their teens. Yet, should their teens’ behavior spiral further out-of-control, the consequences can be severe and have long-lasting impacts. Naturally, most parents will try Read more..

What Are The Different Types Of Troubled Youth Programs?

Finding the right troubled teen program for your struggling teenager can be difficult without knowing what all the options are available. Some programs are voluntary admission, while others are only available if your teen is court-mandated to attend. By understanding what options you have, you can more easily make the decision concerning what troubled youth Read more..

Understanding Teen Avoidance Behavior

Everyone has fears and things that cause them anxiety, and teenagers are no exception. Most of us learn to live with our fears and effectively manage our anxiety without allowing these issues to cripple us. However, some teens may need more help than simply growing older and gaining experience can provide. Whether due to trauma, Read more..

How Boot Camp Makes Mental Health Disorders Worse

Boot camps for troubled teens are often marketed as a cure-all for struggling teens, especially teenage boys, as they push that all these teens need is strict discipline and physical activity. While there is merit to providing teens with structure, discipline, and regular exercise, when it comes to mental health, teens need more than what Read more..