Depressed Teenage Boys Are More Likely To Take Risks

In the cultural consciousness, those who are suffering from depression are people who lay around and are sad. However inaccurate that may be, it can be especially incorrect when it comes to troubled and depressed teenage boys. For teen boys struggling with depression, they are actually more likely to engage in risky behavior that can Read more..

Troubled Youth Doesn’t Only Mean Anger & Defiance Issues

When looking for help for their teen, some parents may not consider a residential treatment center for troubled teens. They may believe that the troubled youth label only applies to defiant or aggressive teens. However, the services provided by a residential treatment center help far more than teens with anger issues and defiance problems. So Read more..

Out-of-Control Teenager Needs an Out-of-State Therapeutic Boarding School

Parenting an out-of-control teenager can require more intensive solutions than simply grounding, extra chores, and in-depth rules can provide. While these interventions may work on a teen that is just acting out and testing boundaries, genuinely out-of-control teens often need out-of-state therapeutic boarding schools to get their lives back on track. If you aren’t sure Read more..

Your Teen is a Bully, Now What?

For some parents, their first indication that their teenager is struggling is finding out that their teen is bullying others. Troubled teens, particularly teenage boys, can become aggressive when they experience difficulties of any sort. While the idea that bullying among children and teens is a normal part of growing up, it can have highly Read more..

Suspecting Sexting? How to Talk to Your Teen About Sexting

Talking with a teen about sexting is not a conversation that most parents want to have ever. Unfortunately, if you suspect that your teen is engaging in sexting, it is up to you to step in as their parents. Since approaching your teen about your suspicious regarding sexting can be tough, Sundance Canyon Academy has Read more..

Teen Vaping Epidemic: What Parents Need to Know To Take Action

The conversation surrounding e-cigarettes and vaping has undergone quite a revolution since the introduction of this cigarette alternative about a decade ago. Initially, e-cigarettes were lauded as a safe way to quit smoking and other tobacco products. However, that initial campaign didn’t factor in the trendy appeal of vaping. Now, many parents are shocked to Read more..

Questions from Concerned Parents: My Teenage Son Hates School, What Do I Do?

Even the best students hit a point where they say that they hate school. However, a common early sign of troubled teen behavior is academic struggles. It is so common that our school for troubled teens often have parents ask how we handle schooling to help their teenage sons get back on track. So, if Read more..

When Traditional Therapy Doesn’t Cut It, Reach Out To A Utah School for Troubled Teens

By the time parents consider sending their child away to a residential treatment center for troubled teens, they’ve typically exhausted every available solution. Traditional therapy may not be intensive enough for a young person whose emotional turmoil, mental illness, social problems or addictive tendencies threaten to capsize their future. An adolescent in crisis needs a Read more..

Research-Backed Studies Against The Use Of Youth Boot Camps

When looking for a place that will help your troubled teen, one of the common programs which come up is youth boot camps. As these camps are supposedly modeled after the discipline found in military boot camps, it appeals to concerned parents with out-of-control teens. However, researchers have produced studies pointing to evidence that these Read more..

How Residential Treatment Programs Can Help Your Teen Son Overcome A Pornography Addiction

When you suspect that your troubled teen has a pornography addiction, it can be difficult to know what to do. Cutting them off from the internet at home often isn’t a real solution, as teens these days carry multiple devices which can give them access to porn, from their smartphones to their game consoles. Yet, Read more..