Alternative Schools For Troubled Teens


The teen years are a particularly formative time of growth and emotional development; however, when kids display extreme behavioral issues, they are putting themselves at risk for unhealthy progress that impacts their ability to become a mature adult. Although you may wish to help your son at home, a complete change of environment is sometimes necessary in order to promote real change. Alternative schools for troubled teens, such as residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are private, full time institutions that are designed to help struggling boys and girls identify their problems and work toward a healing solution without the distractions and triggers they experience in their home environment. Such facilities specialize in helping teens with issues like defiance, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and mental disorders.

How Do I Select The Best Facility For My Troubled Son?

While a reform school for troubled teens might be the best solution for your son, it is also a significant emotional and financial investment. Many parents worry that they are not going to choose the one that will give their son the best help possible. While you are likely to find some combination of the basic therapy options, including family, group and individual sessions, many programs also offer additional options like recreational or experiential opportunities in addition to life skills coaching and academic help. There are some basic factors to consider as you narrow down your options, for instance:

  • Location – Each state has different laws and regulations governing their teen help programs. Don’t be afraid to send your son a little further away from home if it means a better and safer program. Therapeutic boarding schools in Utah are currently the most sought after in the country because the state has the most comprehensive laws in the nation regarding safety, accreditation and licensing.
  • Individual Attention – Your son’s combination of challenges is unique and his treatment plan should be as well. The most effective programs offer regular one-on-one coaching for each student as well as a treatment plan that is individualized.
  • Therapy Program – The more types of therapy that are implemented into a program, the more likely it is that your son will find a style that resonates with him. While traditional talk therapy has its place, teen boys respond very positively to experiential options as well. Additionally, hands-on opportunities help each student practice healthy interaction and teamwork.
  • Parental Involvement – As the parent, you know your son best. Although the professionals at private schools for troubled teens understand the psychology behind adolescents, this should be tempered with your input. While most programs require some initial distance in order to help teens adjust and learn to trust their surroundings, you should seek out a program that considers you as part of the treatment plan. Also, effective facilities will provide aftercare support for the whole family after their teen returns home and adjusts to regular life.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is The Best Destination For Troubled Teen Boys

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in northern Utah, is a uniquely designed program that helps troubled teen boys determine the root of their poor behavior and heal from the inside out. Unlike behavior modification therapy based facilities, we feel that it is important to reach the source for true healing, as opposed to simply managing the symptoms. Our strength based approach has helped hundreds of boys become mature and contributing individuals with the tools they need for a happy and successful future.

For more information about our program, or a consultation, please contact us at (866) 678-2425.