Alternative School For Troubled Youth

Teens with extreme behavioral issues put their parents through a lot of stress and worry, which can put a strain on the entire family. While most parents would prefer to help their teen deal with his challenges at home, it is sometimes not possible. Many troubled boys need to be removed from their daily triggers and temptations and placed in a therapeutically intensive environment before they can be receptive to the changes they need to make. In such situations, full time alternative schools like a residential treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school are valuable option for concerned parents. Issues like defiance, depression, substance abuse, self-harm and mental disorders are regularly handled by such facilities and teens are supported in an environment dedicated to helping them gain new emotional skills and move in a positive direction.    

What Can I Expect From A Full Time Alternative School?

Most facilities thoroughly evaluate each new student upon arrival. Not only does this allow the staff to create a baseline for each teen’s emotional, mental and medical needs, but it also helps them craft a plan of care that is individualized for each student’s unique combination of challenges. Although each facility has a unique curriculum, many include a combination of academics and life skills opportunities, as well as a variety of therapy modalities such as recreational, experiential or culinary in addition to the more traditional types of talk therapy. Teens learn how to balance both work and play while they identify and target the core of their issues and heal from the inside out. Daily one-on-one with experienced counselors and therapists as well as team based activities provides each boy with positive interaction experiences with both authority figures and peers.     

Full Time Residential Care Benefits The Whole Family

As you decide whether a full time program is best for your troubled son, consider that one of the benefits is that it gives you a chance for some much needed respite. Managing a troubled teen can be emotionally and physically exhausting and many parents need time to recuperate, while knowing that their son is safe and secure in an environment dedicated to helping him overcome his challenges. Your teen will need you to be rested and ready to help him sustain his hard work after he returns home. As you research your options, remember that there are many programs throughout the country and your primary concerns should be safety, accreditation and experience, even if it means you have to look further from home than you had planned in order to find a good match for your teen’s needs.    

Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time treatment center located in Utah. We specialize in treating troubled teen boys with severe behavioral problems through a relationship based therapy model. Unlike the behavior modification therapy models used in many facilities, our approach targets the root of the greater problem, rather than just the symptoms. For further information or a consultation, please call us today at 1-866-678-2425.