Alcohol Abuse Treatment For Troubled Teens

There are many reasons why teens want to drink alcohol–to fit in with peers, to experiment, to seem more grown up or to numb some kind of mental or emotional pain. When teens abuse alcohol, it is much more serious than just breaking the law.

Alcohol abuse in teens can have some long-term effects, both physically and mentally. It can impair relationships, cause reckless behavior, create addictions, and can lead to legal trouble of all kinds. Fortunately, alcohol abuse treatment for troubled teens can get them back on the path toward a brighter future.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Teens

Treatment for alcohol abuse in teens can only happen if parents intervene or teens decide to get help on their own. If the alcohol abuse has been going on over a long time, the teen may have an alcohol addiction. The good news is that with support and professional help, teens can start to change at any time.

Physical Treatment

Alcohol abuse treatment is a gradual process that takes time to overcome. In order to withdraw safely from alcohol consumption, teens should work with qualified professionals who are licensed and trained to help adolescents with drug and alcohol addictions.

For teens who have been either heavy drinkers or have been drinking over a long period of time, a detox process may be needed. This is a medically supervised withdrawal from alcohol and can be quite difficult. Headaches, nausea, shaking, sweating, anxiety and elevated heart rate are just some of the symptoms of physical treatment or alcohol abuse. The withdrawal won’t last very long, just a few days at most. when the body is clear of all toxins, long-term treatment can begin.

Mental Treatment

Teens feel the need to drink for many reasons. Individual and group therapy can get to the root of the problem that is triggering the teens to drink, whether it is peer pressure or something else. By addressing the mental conditions that compel a teen to drink, teens can be better equipped to handle themselves and their desire to drink.

Part of the mental treatment for alcohol abuse in teens is to build a support network of people that can keep them motivated and focused on recovery. Teens must also learn to combat cravings and develop new alcohol-free ways to deal with pain, frustration and problems. Many teens find more success when they develop new hobbies or activities. Long term therapy means it is more likely that teen won’t succumb to alcoholic desires and will instead choose more beneficial methods and activities to replace them.

How Sundance Canyon Academy Can help

Sundance Canyon Academy is a teen help facility that knows how to help teens with alcohol abuse problems. With hundreds of successful cases and treatments, Sundance Canyon Academy is the right place for teens with addictions. Through qualified professionals, recreational therapy, life skills classes and a transition plan between the center and home again, Sundance Canyon Academy is an idea place for teens from across the country to receive the help they need.