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Dear Parent,

Welcome to Sundance Canyon Academy. We feel honored that you have chosen us to work with your son and your family. We recognize that this has not been an easy step on your part. Entrusting someone with your child is a difficult decision, yet, be assured, you are not alone.

One question that is often asked, “What do kids need to succeed?” can be answered in many different ways depending on the person or persons you are speaking with. Our answer is a simple one, at Sundance Canyon we provide students healthy relationships in a therapeutic environment to educate, improve, and aid individual growth towards becoming a caring, capable, and contributing member of society.

At Sundance Canyon, we are fully committed to serving families. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have a concern or wish to discuss a situation regarding your son. The following information is to help you understand the rules and procedures here at Sundance Canyon.

With Warm Regards,

Simon Timms
Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in Sundance Canyon Academy.

Please fill out our application. You may also email to request a downloadable application or call us at 866.678.2425


Student Rules/Clothing List

Student Rules/Clothing List
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|  Student Rules/Clothing List