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A Mother’s Conviction To Give Her Boy A Chance At Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

A Mother's Conviction To Give Her Boy A Chance At Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

The CDC reports that 4% of teens ages 12-17 receive unmedicated treatment for serious emotional or behavioral difficulty. Parents especially struggle with their young men as young boys are more likely to attend treatment schools for treatment. Mother’s often agonize over the decision to place their troubled teen into therapeutic treatment programs. It is heartbreaking for mothers to discover after many attempts to resolve difficult situations with their teens that they cannot meet the needs of their child. At this point they must search for help beyond the walls of their home and support of their community.

What to look for in a treatment program

Every mother agonizes over the decision to place her child into a therapeutic residential care facility. She can ease her fear when she makes a well-researched and informed decision. Both parents should take great care when evaluating treatment programs for their child. Some programs are more punitive than helpful and may not even provide efficacious treatment because they have unqualified staff. For parents that feel overwhelmed or lost about how to identify a competent treatment program, START provides a list of things parents should consider when placing their children into residential care.

  1. Program should have state licenses.

  2. Be wary of programs that tout “tough love” and “behavior modification.”

  3. Verify the program offers legitimate education programs.

  4. Make sure all staff are qualified with the education and licenses necessary to practice in their field–educators, therapist, psychologist and any other specialists.

  5. Be wary of programs that discourage family contact and restrict parental rights.

At Sundance Academy we meet the highest standards in the industry. We can answer any questions about treatment for your child.

Sundance Canyon Academy’s Impressive Program

Sundance Canyon, a residential treatment home for boys, is licensed with the Utah department of Human services and has staff that are highly qualified in their field of study. Therapy is a centered around a holistic, empathetic approach that includes traditional therapy, recreational therapy, service opportunities, and the Why Try program. They partner with an accredited educational program called Alta Independent that allows kids to continue their schooling while in treatment. They even have a list of colleges their alumni have attended after treatment.

Sundance Canyon Academy also stresses the importance of family involvement in their child’s progress. They encourage parents to take part in family therapy once a week either via skype or in person. Parent weekend visitation is strongly encouraged for students in the program. With the wealth of online resources available parents should be able to find the best help possible for their teens on terms that works for their families.

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