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Can Music Help Your Teen Manage Anxiety?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have talked with many parents who want to help their teen manage anxiety. While attending our school, students work with trained therapists to learn various anxiety-reducing techniques. When they are at home, you can work with your teen to help them learn and use anxiety-reducing techniques. Today, we are discussing Read more..

Teen Depression Guide for Parents

Teens who struggle with depression might need more help than you can give them at home. At Sundance Canyon Academy, our therapists are trained to work directly with teens who need help overcoming depression. Through valuable one-on-one and group therapy sessions, students learn positive coping strategies to help make it through their dark moods. Contact Read more..

What To Do When Your Teen Starts Stealing Your Money

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with countless teens who have stolen from friends and family. Some steal with a purpose in mind (like using the money to buy something they want). Others steal simply because they can. In either situation, our counselors are trained to help troubled teen boys address the root of Read more..

How To Teach Healthy Confrontation

As your child grows up, you are bound to get into disagreements with one another. When they’re little, the disagreements probably stay pretty small. Maybe they don’t want to put their toys away when you tell them to, or they don’t want to turn their video games off even though it’s bedtime. It’s important to Read more..

Freedom & Responsibility: How Much Freedom Should I Give My Teenager?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we talk to a lot of parents who struggle with giving their teenager more freedom and worrying about their teen’s behavior. We recognize that it’s difficult to know how much freedom your teenager can handle. Today’s article is part of a series designed to help parents understand the link between freedom Read more..

Freedom & Responsibility: How can I help my teen learn to follow through with responsibilty?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we work with a lot of students who struggle to follow through with their responsibilities. Many times, the boys don’t purposefully disregard their responsibilities. They simply don’t have the skills necessary to manage their time and follow through with their plans. This article is designed to give parents some ideas to Read more..

Freedom & Responsibility: What’s the right amount of responsibility for a teenager?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we talk to a lot of families who want their teens to develop more responsibility. This article is part of a series designed to help parents understand the correlation between freedom and responsibility. If your teen son has trouble following through with any of his responsibilities, he may need additional help. Read more..

What You Need to Know About Dabbing Among Teens

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we help many teens who struggle with substance abuse. When addressed at such a young age, the negative effects of substance abuse can be counteracted. Our therapists are trained to help teens learn positive coping skills to replace their need for substances. If your teen son is abusing drugs or alcohol, Read more..

Messy Divorces: How Custody Battles Affect Your Kids

When you’re going through a divorce, life gets complicated. You and your ex once swore to love each other forever, but you don’t anymore. Those feelings have changed. In most cases, those feelings have changed a lot and there may be quite a bit of resentment between the two of you. In a best-case scenario, Read more..