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The Importance Of Discussing Teen Suicide Even If Your Teen Is Not In Danger Of Self Harm

The teen years have a reputation for being fraught with emotional ups and downs. One minute, you’ve got a happy, playful kid. The next minute, you’ve got a sullen teenager. The influx of hormones during adolescence can cause major mood swings that drive parents crazy. Unfortunately, these mood swings tend to coincide with the teen’s Read more..

What Is Acceptance And Commitment Therapy And How Does It Help Teen Boys?

The teenage years are a swirl of emotions. As kids reach puberty, they get an influx of hormones that change everything from their bodies to their brain function. Kids start to grow larger and adjust to what is becoming their adult body. Meanwhile, they begin to have increased romantic attractions and feel the need to Read more..

Chicken Or The Egg: Is Your Teen Not Sleeping Due To Stress, Or Stressed Due To Not Sleeping?

It’s pretty common for teens, and adults, to have trouble sleeping from time to time. However, it shouldn’t be chronic. If your teen regularly struggles with sleeping enough even though they’re going to bed on time and trying to get enough rest, consider bringing them to a doctor. Some sleep problems can be caused by Read more..

Body Dysmorphia Affects Teen Boys More Than You Think

Though most people don’t think of their body as “perfect,” they also don’t take their self-criticism to the extreme. Many of us wish we were thinner or wish our hair was different, but we don’t worry about it too much. Maybe we work out a little extra to try and lose a few pounds or Read more..

The State Of Teen Mental Health As A Result Of The Covid Pandemic

During the past year, both teens and adults have experienced increased depression and anxiety rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, approximately 10% of American adults reported having symptoms of depression or anxiety. During the pandemic, that number is up to about 40%. With so much upheaval both at work and at home, Read more..

Does My Teen Son Have Unhealthy Body Image?

When we talk about body image, self-esteem often comes to mind. Though body image plays a role in self-esteem, it’s not the whole package. Body image refers specifically to how someone feels about the way their body looks. If someone has a healthy body image, they are happy with the way they look and are Read more..

4 Lifechanging Skills Teens Can Learn Through Attending Therapeutic Boarding Schools

A significant component of the teenage years is learning life skills that will be useful for adulthood. For many troubled teens, simply surviving high school seems to take precedence over learning new skills. If you are concerned that your teen son is struggling too much with mental health or addiction problems to focus on necessary Read more..

Is Rehab Necessary For Teens Using Marijuana?

It’s far from unheard of for teens to try things like drugs and alcohol. However, it’s tough to know when your teen’s marijuana use has moved past experimentation and into addiction. You may be wondering if rehab is necessary for teens using marijuana. The answer is: maybe. Teen addiction often starts with the common “gateway” Read more..

Why Does My Son Stay Locked In His Room All Day?

The teenage years come with a slew of new behaviors that can be tough for families to deal with. Many parents especially struggle when their teens start to spend more time locked in their rooms than hanging out with the family. Even though you know it’s coming, it hurts when the little kid who always Read more..