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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) for Teen Boys

If your son is struggling with mental health problems beyond what you can handle on your own, it might be time to look for outside help. Plenty of teens struggle with unhealthy behavior patterns like substance abuse or depression, and parents are often ill-equipped to help them break those patterns. For those teens, a therapeutic Read more..

Boot Camp Won’t Be An Effective Rehab For Your Son

If your teenage son is struggling with mental health problems or substance abuse, you might be tempted to send him to a boot camp to help break his negative behavior patterns. Don’t do it! Boot camp isn’t actually an effective rehab method for substance abuse disorders. In many cases, the stringent atmosphere of teen boot Read more..

How To Teach Teens It’s Ok To Be Vulnerable

Teens are not known for their great communication skills. You’ve probably been there: You try so hard to have a conversation with your teen, and they just respond with “fine” or “ok” over and over again. It can be so frustrating! Why are teens so reluctant to share any insight into their lives? For some Read more..

Helping Your Child With Back To School And Mask Anxiety

A lot of families are in a tough spot this school year. When faced with the decision of whether to send their kids back to school or continue to homeschool them, there isn’t a clear cut answer. Many kids want to go back to school to see their friends and return to a sense of Read more..

A Therapeutic Boarding School Has Built-In Coronavirus Cautions

As kids prepare to return to school, parents have a new school-year worry: Coronavirus. Schools across the country are scrambling to add precautionary measures to keep their students, and their students’ families, safe. One of the biggest concerns is if traditional schools are actually equipped to manage their student’s return safely. Some parents are turning Read more..