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Military Schools and Boot Camps Are Outdated Ways for Helping Teens

There was a time when parents thought that the best answer for out-of-control teens was to send them to a military school or boot camp. And teens may have changed their behavior while they were at these facilities in order to avoid the harsh consequences of not obeying the rules. However, the change in behavior Read more..

Teenage Substance Problems? Find Help at A Program for Out of Control Teens

Their Life and Health is at Risk A parent’s first concern about a teen with substance abuse problems is that the teen’s life is in danger. Teens who take drugs risk dying from an accidental overdose. They could get in a car accident while driving under the influence, or become involved in the violence that Read more..

Why A Summer Camp for Troubled Youth Might Not Be Long Enough

Let’s start with this question. If your teen has had behavioral, emotional, or psychological problems for the last few years, or even a good part of their lives, is a short stay at a summer camp going to be enough to fully help them with these problems? You have probably tried for years to help Read more..

The Differences of ADD and ADHD In Teens

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly are ADD and ADHD? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. At one time these were considered two distinct diagnoses, but now ADD is considered a type of ADHD. ADD is more correctly called Inattentive type ADHD. ADHD is a medical term Read more..

Teenage Mental Health In A Time Of A Pandemic

Teens across the county have had their lives turned upside down by COVID-19. The day-to-day structure of school, friends, and extra-curricular activities has come to a screeching halt. Even summer break hasn’t included the standard level of fun and relaxation that they’ve come to expect. This upheaval is leading to increased anxiety and depression for Read more..