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Coronavirus Affecting Your Teen’s OCD? Here’s How To Help

People of all ages have had their mental health impacted by the novel coronavirus and the restrictions that have come as part of the efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, unlike adults, teenagers don’t have the same resources and know-how to manage their mental health, so it is up for parents to step Read more..

How To Get Your Teen To Pitch In And Do Their Part

Most teens go through periods when they complain about or “forget” to do the household chores you’ve given them. Doing chores not only teaches teens about being responsible, but they also learn about family relationships and working together for a common good. Helping your teen develop a positive attitude and work ethic is essential for Read more..

What Types of Limits Should Kids Have During Quarantine?

Following quarantine restrictions helps prevent the spread of Covid 19, but it also puts extra stress on families who are all stuck at home together. During normal times, psychologists recommend that teens be allowed 2-3 hours a day of recreational screen time – which means free time to watch tv, or use their computers or Read more..

Help Your Teen Take an Interest in Their Health

This summer has some extra challenges for teenagers and their parents. Because of Covid 19 restrictions, many summer activities have been canceled, recreational centers are closed, and health officials recommend avoiding close contact with others. More and more news stories focus on health issues during this pandemic– not only physical health but mental and emotional Read more..

How Can I Help My Teen Get Through COVID-19 Anxiety?

Many people are struggling with anxiety at this time due to COVID-19, whether they or their loved ones are high-risk for contracting more severe forms of the coronavirus, or due to economic concerns. While adults may have the tools to manage their anxiety, teenagers are also experiencing high levels of anxiety and need the help Read more..

Why Therapeutic Boarding Schools Are The Safest Environment For Your Child

Many troubled teens struggle with safety—sometimes, they are a danger to others or themselves. With the heightened concerns with coronavirus, there is also the danger that a troubled teen will leave the house, become an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, and pass it to more vulnerable family members. Here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked Read more..