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Help For Your Son After Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One

The trauma of losing a loved one can have a lasting impact on your teenage son, with consequences that can lead to destructive behavior. In many cases, this turning of grief into self-destruction is due to societal pressures on teenage boys, who are often taught that they can’t show emotions like sadness and depression. To Read more..

My Son Has Given Up On School. Now What?

It isn’t uncommon for teens to hit snags in their education, particularly teenage boys who are high-energy and have a tough time sitting through 7-8 hours of school a day. A few bad grades and failed tests can be overcome with study and make-up work. But, if your son has given up on school entirely, Read more..

My Son’s Troubles Started At School. Now It’s Trouble With The Law. What Can I Do?

Teens are known for pushing boundaries, from cutting class to staying out beyond their curfew. While these behaviors shouldn’t be encouraged, many parents take them in stride as the independence-testing that they are and reign in their teenagers successfully. But it’s not always that easy to get your teen on the right path. Sometimes, those Read more..

Why The “Quick Fix” of Boot Camps Doesn’t Stick

There’s nothing like having a teen acting out, yelling at you, slamming doors, and being out at all hours for your average parent long to send them to a military school or boot camp. The crisp imagery of lined up young men and women, following orders and generally behaving properly, is incredibly appealing. However, it Read more..

Parents: Sending Your Son To A Therapeutic Boarding Schools Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed Him

Feeling like they failed their teenage son can hold some parents back from enrolling their teen in a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys. But there are services and structured environments that teenage boys can benefit from significantly that are not available outside of a therapeutic boarding school. Also, the longer troubled teen boys go Read more..