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The Mental Health Benefits Of Leaving The City And Finding Help In Nature

Living in a city or in crowded suburbs can take a toll on the mental health of children, teens, and adults. But for teens grappling with mental health issues, the opportunity to get into trouble while they are struggling is far higher. To help combat this, some residential treatment centers for troubled teens are located Read more..

Recent Study Finds Teens That Abuse Prescription Painkillers Are More Likely to Begin Heroin Use

No parent ever wants to find that their teen is abusing prescription painkillers. But, as the opioid crisis reaches even higher proportions in American, the likelihood that your teen has or will abuse prescription painkillers rises. This occurrence becomes even more likely if your teen is struggling with mental, emotional, or physical issues and turns Read more..

Depressed Teenage Boys Are More Likely To Take Risks

In the cultural consciousness, those who are suffering from depression are people who lay around and are sad. However inaccurate that may be, it can be especially incorrect when it comes to troubled and depressed teenage boys. For teen boys struggling with depression, they are actually more likely to engage in risky behavior that can Read more..

Troubled Youth Doesn’t Only Mean Anger & Defiance Issues

When looking for help for their teen, some parents may not consider a residential treatment center for troubled teens. They may believe that the troubled youth label only applies to defiant or aggressive teens. However, the services provided by a residential treatment center help far more than teens with anger issues and defiance problems. So Read more..

What Is Considered Normal Teenage Rebellion?

Rebellion is a hallmark of the teen years. It’s such a classic part of being a teen that you see it in all forms of entertainment to help communicate that a character is a teenager. But sometimes, parents who are in the trenches with their teens may wonder what is considered normal teenage rebellion and Read more..