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Therapy Hasn’t Worked For My Son, So Why Will A Therapeutic Boarding School?

Parents can often feel frustrated—and a little hopeless—when therapy “fails” to help correct the issues their teenage sons are experiencing. However, there can be a number of reasons why traditional talk therapy hasn’t been able to help troubled teen boys break out of their poor behaviors. For one thing, a therapy session is once a Read more..

You Need A School That Fixes Bad Behavior, Not “Bad Kids”

  Parents who have teens that are consistently acting out, won’t follow the rules, are engaging in delinquent behavior, running away from home, and other poor behaviors can feel impossible to raise. Some of these parents start searching for schools for “bad kids” as their children are expelled or in danger of being expelled. In Read more..

Benefits Of Teen Group Therapy

One of the first courses of action recommended for troubled teens is to get them into therapy with a mental health professional that specializes in working with teenagers. However, there is another option that maybe even better for your teen—group therapy. How Teenage Group Therapy Works The basics of teen therapy revolve around a group Read more..

10 Things to Look For in a Therapeutic Boarding School That You Probably Haven’t Thought About

As the parent of a troubled teen, you’ve been through a lot. You have probably been dealing with your teen’s therapist and teachers, school counselors and administrators, and maybe even lawyers and court officials. You’ve done everything you can to help your teen and to hold your family together. Now you’ve come to realize that Read more..

Boarding Schools Help With Teens That Run Away From Home

There is nothing like the panic-filled rush of adrenaline when a parent goes to check on their teenager during the night, only to find that their teen is missing. Or the parent who waits for their teen to return home from school, only to see the hours tick by until it is clear—their teen isn’t Read more..

What You Can Do If Your Teen Refuses To Go To School

It is one thing to have a seven-year-old declare that they won’t go to school. Their refusal can be a little cute, especially if you can still easily pick them up and load them into the car. But when it is your teen refusing to go to school, things are a bit more serious. If Read more..

My Son Is A Chronic Liar. What Can I Do?

Being lied to by your child is frustrating. Whether the lies are obvious or you catch them later, feeling betrayed, frustrated, upset, angry, and hurt is natural. Like most parents catching their teenage sons in a lie, you likely have had many talks and consequences for the lies, yet the lies persist. As we work Read more..

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Treat Teenage Apathy

Most parents of teens have heard their teens express things like, “Whatever, nothing really matters,” or “I don’t care” at some time or another. But when that apathetic attitude is the constant response, it is time for parents to intervene. Sometimes, a simple redirection of attention or a reduction in the burdens your teen is Read more..