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Helping Your Troubled Teen: Should You Transfer Your Teen To A Private Boarding School?

Just transferring a teen to a different school should be carefully considered before embarking on that course of action. But when it comes to sending your troubled teen away to a private boarding school for troubled teens, there are some key factors to consider which can help you make the decision to send your teen Read more..

Podcast – Wilderness Therapy with John Karren

Chatting with Admissions Director/Owner John Kerran from Elements Wilderness  to talk about their program for teens. John also gives some information on his young adults (18+) program Elements Traverse, using a similar approach to recovery and change.   music by

Common Triggers For Teen Depression

There can be many factors which can trigger a bout of teen depression. When your troubled teen is struggling with depression, it is important to determine what has triggered their depression so you can help them receive the correct treatment. Academic Underperformance Or Pressure As the average teenager spends the majority of their waking hours Read more..

Behavioral Changes You Can Expect From A Therapeutic Boarding School For Boys

There can come a time when it feels like nothing will change your troubled teen boy’s poor behavior. But no matter how deeply entrenched your son’s unsatisfactory behavior has become, his attitude and overall behavior can benefit and change from time spent at a therapeutic boarding school. Have Your Son Develop New, Respectful Attitude Many troubled Read more..

Helping Parents of Troubled Teens: Financial Aid For Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Sending your troubled teen to a therapeutic boarding school can not only be tough due to the distance but also because therapeutic boarding schools can be quite costly. Since many families are not in a position to easily pay for a therapeutic boarding school, we wanted parents to have a resource to use when looking into Read more..

Schools For Troubled Teens Can “Heal” Not Just “Fix”

After struggling with a troubled teen for a long period of time, many parents grasp for any solution to help their child change. But if parents want their troubled teens to undergo permeant change and healing, then they will need to be careful in what treatment course they choose for their troubled teen. Difference Between “Fixing” Behavior And True Read more..

Podcast – Culinary arts with Allen Saena

Allen Saena sits down with me to discuss the culinary arts program.

Podcast – Play therapy with struggling teens

Frank Brunt, Program Director at Sundance Canyon Academy, talks about play therapy a.k.a. rec therapy.