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Juvie, Boot Camp, Or Therapy? Figuring Out What Will Help Your Teen Boy

Teenage boys can be incredibly difficult for parents to handle when they choose to act out. Many times they have already outgrown one of their parents and may be acting out aggressively. So, many of these parents turn to options like boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools, and youth detention centers in more extreme cases. Each Read more..

Cutting Off Gaming Addictions At A Therapeutic Boarding School For Teens

On the surface, a gaming addiction seems pretty harmless. Many parents tend to brush off their teenager’s excessive time spent gaming by saying things like “It could be worse” or “At least I know where he/she is”. But there can be serious and far-reaching effects of a gaming addiction which may require your teen spends Read more..

The Process of Removing Your Troubled Teen From Public School

There comes a time for some parents where they discover that public school is not the right place for their troubled teen. As the U.S. public school system suffers from overcrowding and under-funding, this is not a surprising occurrence. So, if you have decided your teen would be best served by being withdrawn from public Read more..

Feeling Parental Guilt With A Teen At A Residential Treatment Center

Placing your troubled teen into a residential treatment center can be the source of overwhelming feelings of guilt for parents. Many parents question their decision, especially as those outside of the family learn what the parents chose to do for their teen. But when you have chosen the right residential treatment program for your troubled Read more..

Get Free Help Deciding On A Therapeutic Treatment Center For Your Teen

When many parents begin their search for the right therapeutic treatment center for their troubled teen, most feel quickly overwhelmed. There are many services out there, from boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools, and more, so it is understandable that the majority of parents find it hard to sort through these options. Sort Through Troubled Teen Read more..